Tuesday, October 29, 2013


The younger students, with their whining and their unzipped jackets, were driving him crazy. The older students were very tiring as well. At the end of each day he was so exhausted he would fall on his bed and sleep for three hours. What could he do about this problem?

John was the newest teacher of the 15th primary school of  London. He had just graduated from university and he didn't know what to do with the children. He had never been with 6 year olds before and certainly never tryed to teach them before as well. The older ones may didn't do that much noise but they were much more difficult to control.

It was very difficult at first, but each day was getting even more tiring until he couln't do anything but to ask for help. He asked the headmaster to tell the children to stop making so much noise and start paying attention to the lesson. So he did. The headmaster went to the two classes and explained them that it was very hard for their teacher to make a lesson like that and that eeven if he did they wouldn't learn anything about it, which was has they were there for.

After the headmaster's speech the children stopped being so noisy and really started paying attention to the lesson. At least for some time. Two weeks had hardly past and it was like nothing happened to them. They started talking to each other again and stopped paying attention to the lesson once again. But one day he let a student try to say what he wanted to the others, but then he realised that it was so difficult that everybody stopped making noise until the end of the year.

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