Friday, January 30, 2015

Advantages and disadvantages of being famous

 Nowadays, being famous is something that most people wish. When I was younger, I dreamed to be a pearson who everybody recognise and the want to be like him such us an actor or a singer. But fame has as many advantages as disadvantages.
 One the one hand, if you are a famous person you can do everything you want. You can travel to magnificent places, visit world famous attractions. You can also meet interesting and important people and buy expensive clothes for good appearance. Furthermore, you have got a lot of fans, that means you are well-known and you can achieve all of your ambitions.
 On the other hand, there are several disadvantages. You can not go anywhere because you are always in the spot light.Hundreds of paparazzies are waiting to take photos of you, and you have to be protected by bodyguards. Another obvious disadvantage is that you don't have enough time for your private life because people are judging you for everything you do. Usually magazines, newspapers spread gossip about you. Moreover, famous people sometimes have strange behaviour. For example, they use drugs and this is really bad fact. 
 In my point of view, being famous might be awesome and wonderful even though it is difficult to live with. So I disagree with Lisa and I think that there are famous people who take it all in their stride and have a great time although there are disadvantages.

Two and a half man review

   My favourite Tv programme is,the american production series,Two and a half man. It is a very famous comedy Tv programme as in USA and all over the world.
   There are two brothers Charlie and Alan.Charlie is a rich man and he has a nice house on Malimbu beach.Alan is a separated man and he has one son called Jake.Alan moved to his brothers house because he hasn't got any money or job.They live together and the series is about their funny experiences.
   It is my favourite Tv programme because it is hilarious and amusing.All the time they tell jokes and also their actions are very funny.Also,the actors are very good and they play their roles profesonally.
   In conclusion,I recommend it to all that have not seen it yet.It is a very amusing and funny programme and I believe that everyone will enjoy it a lot.


Essay about people growing up in an extremely rich family!

     In my point of view, growing up in an extremely rich family is something that in certain circumstances is nice.But is it always good?

     There are many advantages of being a person that belongs to a rich family.First of all, you have the opportunity to travel a lot and buy expensive things such as: clothes, accessories etc.Furthermore, if you are rich you can donate a special amount of money to charities and that is really important, because this way you can help the motivation of other wealthy people.Moreover, if you are rich you might have your own business and do not have to work at all.Finally, if one of the members of a rich family have a serious illness, they will have the chance to donate an amount of money in order to help the member get well.

     But, there are also many disadvantages.Firstly, you do not have true friends, because some of them are with you for your money.Additonally, sometimes if you are rich your behaviour becomes weird.You become mean and you feel that you own all the world.You make relationships only with people of your type(wealthy people) and mostly you become disliked.Last but not least, if you are wealthy, you are popular and you are always in the public light something that is really annoying due to the fact that people comment on you all the time and they sometimes spread rumours about you.

     In general, I believe that it is not necessarily negative to belong to a rich family, because if you are a good-hearted person and love the others, money is a minor factor.

~My personal favourite TV programme~

   Hello.Today I am here to write a review about one of my personal favourite TV programmes for your new magazine section.I chose for my favourite program to be "Two and a half men".

   Two and a half men is an absolutely hilarious comedy. Personally I have spent hours laughing only by thinking about it. This show is really famous and it has been shown on TV's in over 20 countries.

   Two and a half men is an American masterpiece that has made millions of dollars. The actors playing it are really experienced and really funny. The plot is amazing and hilarious and the program director is a genius.

   I would definately recommend it to any age comedy lover, and I would also recommend taking a large bucket of KFC with you because you won't want to stop watching it.

Letter of opinion about further studies

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my opinion about your recent article that I saw in your last edition newspaper.The article was about students who decide not to carry on with their studies to go to university.

First and foremost, students are not motivated to further their studies.Morover, even if they decide to go to university, they can not find a job because of the major unemployment numbers.In this way, most students are putt off from their studies and try to find a job, for instance in cafes, night bars,kiosks, to make some money.

According to the article, the decision not to go to university to further their studies is by virtue of extremely expensive fees in universities. Furthermore, families can not afford them, so their children do not take appropriate knowledge to deal the requirements of their lives.

Taking all that into consideration, I hope solutions will be given to students and apply for further studies. Also, the inability of finding a job should not be always in their minds, because this way no one tries to study and work hard to make a living.

    Yours faithfully,
          Fotis Markakis

Summer Sports Camp
     Dear Sir/Madam,
            I am writing to complain about the ''Summer Sports Camp'' which I joined and I was very unhappy with the service I received.
            Firstly, according to your advertisment I would have my own private private room.Unfortunately I had to share a room with other two people. When I called the organisers they told me that private rooms do not even exist. Also at ''Summer Sports Camp'' there is a range of sports as per your advertisment said. When I discovered that there was only football offered, I complained and they told me that the other sports were not available.
           To make matters worse, you said that all meals included in the price. However, the meals were too small and I had to take takeaways. Also, the organisers were very rude to me when I complained about the evening activities that the camp offered.
                                                 I therefore request a complete refund.
                                                I look forward to hearing from you.
                                                       Yours faithfully,
                                                   John Mathioudakis