Friday, May 18, 2012

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Suggestions about what should be done to stop young people from smoking

Dear Editor,

I am very sad to read that nearly thirty percent of 15-year-olds now smoke regularly. I believe that the problem can be effectively dealt with, and I have some suggestions for doing this.

Firstly, I believe that setting up a media campaign could be very effective, as most of the teenagers spend plenty of their time watching television or listening to the radio. The advertisements could shock the public into an awareness of the problem and persuade young people that smoking is not cool. In addition, another way to tackle the problem is to offer educational programs in schools. In this way, pupils will know the effects of smoking on their health, and more and more of them will cut it down or will never start.

Another effective way of discouraging young people from smoking could be the family of every child. While the parents are smoking, they are not setting a good example for their children and encourage them to smoke; on the other hand, if the parents are non-smokers, their offspring is less likely to start smoking. Moreover, the government could ban the sale of cigarettes to minors, and anyone who breaks this law should be fined strictly.

I hope you will publish my suggestions, as the problem has been more intense in the recent years and it is urgent for everyone to understand that we are all in danger until the problem is solved.

Sifakis Manolis.