Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A story

The arrival of an alien at dinner was not something Jeffrey could figure out how to explain. He did not know how to behave to an alien so he was nervous.

He was at his grantparents' house because he had not one and they were dead by a mysterious desease.

The alien did not do anything since the time he appeared in front of him.Suddenly, the alien did a very quickly move and at one moment he was behind Jeffrey.The alien took a knife and twanged his neck.After that the man woke up in a very strange place . It was a place where were all white such as you could not realize where up or down is.

Then the alien appeared in front of him and tried to kill him but the last moment Jeffrey escaped and tried to injure the alien but the alien did not feel anything. Jeffrey asked for help because of his weakness.Suddenly he understood what his grantparents' desease was.He saw a poison in front of him.Finally, the alien went to kill him again.He screamed and that moment the alien disappeared and he was in the house he had been at first.The alien was killed by the scream because of his heightened hear ability and with him disappeared that strange place too. 

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