Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Essay:Are teenagers capable to teach anything?

 Many people believe that teenagers are too young to teach other people about anything.However is that statement really true?I personally do not agree with it.

 First of all, teenagers usually know more about technology because they live with it from a very young age.Older people, many times face problems while trying to use a gadget or any type of technology.That results in teenagers being able to teach things about that to other people.Furthermore, they can also teach things about the environment because the latest years,  many things about it have changed and teens are given many information from their schools that wasn't known in the past or that older people might have forgotten.

 On the other hand, things teenagers can teach are not much.The main reason is that elders have generally more experience on multiple things, know more about life and can teach many things better, such as historical events, grammar and even life advice.

 To sum up, I disagree with this statement because I believe that even though teenagers are young, they can still have more knowledge about some things even if these are not a lot.

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