Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Extra English: Football crazy




Essay: Computer games

Many people  believe that playing computer games is a complete waste of time.There are reasons for someone to think about it that way, but is that statement really true?Computer games sure have both advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, video games are a new way of entertainment that has yet to be accepted.With computer games you can have fun and spend some time,but it is not only that.Playing a video game is a new experience every time that has exceeded both movies and books ,in terms of the transmission of fear, other strong feelings and food for thought.Secondly, many believe that computer games are just for children; however, just a percentage of games is made for children.There are computer games for every age and for every type of character to enjoy.Finally,you can learn many things from video games, such as historical events, philosophers and their work, interesting information about science and physics etc.

However, there are also bad things about computer games.First of all, you might get addicted depending on your character and the game you are playing.So you need to make sure, you have a plan of how many hours you play per day and don't play too much.Secondly, you might get more weight and become unhealthy if playing video games is your only spare time activity.So you will have to also consider, going for walks or taking up a new sport.Finally,there is also the danger of violence for younger and less mature players.However, that isn't really a problem because as I said, there are computer games for all ages and the parents should control what games their child plays if they consider their child, not mature enough to distinguish between the bad and the good things a video game shows.

In conclusion, I believe, the pros outweigh the cons and that computer games surely are not a complete waste of time.Also, everyone (mostly youngsters) has to be careful with some things and play in moderation.

''The Adventures of Tom Sawyer''

''The Adventures of Tom Sawyer'' is a novel, which was written by Mark Twain in 1876, about a young boy growing up along the Mississippi River. In my opinion, it is a great book. My favourite scene was when Tom cleverly persuaded his friends to trade him small treasures for the privilege of doing his work. In this scene I discovered this great law of human behaviour: in order to make a person desire a thing, it is only necessary to make the thing difficult to obtain.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

David Copperfield

 My favourite scene from the book David Copperfield was when David visited Mr Micawber in prison.Mr Micawber was a very poor man that he had been arrested because he wasn't able to handle his money.David Copperfield was still very young and was being accommodated by Mr Micawber and his family.The poor man said : If a man earns twenty pounds a year and spends nineteen pounds and nineteen shillings, the result is happiness.But if he spends twenty pounds and one shilling, the result is misery.This scene was a life lesson!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I recently read a very interesting book by  R. L. Stevenson called Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
It is an atmospheric fantasy ,horror book which however is more like a mystery until the end and not that scary.It's topic is,being able to be someone else in appearance from time to time or just for a day and do whatever you want without consequences because no one will know it was you and nobody would be able to blame you for your actions.Doctor Jekyll had all these thoughts and decided to try a dangerous experiment with which he could achieve this dream, if everything went well.However if you changed to that other person,as time passed,you could find it difficult to be yourself again and heavily affect your personality;and there is a very interesting adventure revolving around that topic.

I  would recommend this book to everyone that likes, kind of dark, mystery and fantasy books.

A letter

Hi Patrick,
 Thanks for your news.It was great to hear from you.It' very good that you are saving up money.
  I'm very happy that I will be able to help you.I think that you should get a new TV for your bedroom.If you buy a smart TV you will have TV and laptop together.With a smart TV you can do exactly the same things that you did with your laptop and more.The best thing is that you will have a bigger screen.Now that you don't have a laptop don't worry you can use your phone instead.
 You wanted to know where to look for a TV or a laptop.There are a lot of good places.You should search in a gadget shop.Also, you asked me about where to find information.You should search online on websites and in magazines, too.
 I'm really sorry but I won't be able to meet you on Friday because my cousin is coming from Greece.Are you free next week ?Let me know soon.

Take care

Letter To The Editor!

           Dear Editor,
   I am writing to you to express my opinion regarding the article I read in your newspaper.
   In my opinion social media has a positive effect on teenagers and their relationships. Friends can communicate with each other any time of the day and night. Furthermore, they can keep in touch via Skype, Facebook if they live away or are on holiday. Moreover, they can communicate face to face through video calls which is easier than messaging and also you can see their facial expressions.
   Using social media does have some disadvantages, however. If you communicate with people you don't know, you must be careful, since there are many individuals who fool other people to get money or something else. In addition, you must not use social media too much, because in this way you will slowly lose your social life.
   I firmly believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. If you can control yourself, social media can offer a lot of potential.
   Yours faithfully,
   Elpidoforos Christakis.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Letter to the Editor

         Dear Editor,
 My classmates and I read the article about the change for some school lessons for example music, arts and physical education that they will be removed or that these lessons, kids will not have to stress on. We believe that it is not right and the reasons are below.
     First of all, many children express  themselves through these subjects and if they are removed , they will be be very disappointed about it. Also, the most of them do not have time or can afford to do extra lessons after school, but if at school they find time to do their pastime and with instructors to help them this would be helpful. Futhermore, these subjrcts make chlidren relax when they are tired after all the other demanding hours of lessons.
     Also, gymnastics and different types of arts help to keep an open mind and have a clear and clever thought about everything. In additin, some children want to do arts as work in the future and they will have the correct knowledge before the university because of school.
        To sum up, my friends and I believe that arts and physical education is a good way to express our selves at school nd to relax.

          Yours faithfuly,

Essay: Should a friend always be honest?

  Nowadays,some people think that a good friend is always honest,but is that really true?I think the statement is mostly true but sometimes it is not.
   Most people would agree that a friend who is not truthful to you is not a friend.That's because we like to have friends who are honest with us.Furthermore,if they lie to each other,their friendship will be destroyed. Additionally,if someone lies to his best mate,his best mate will be betrayed.
   However,every coin has 2 sides.There are times when they cannot be honest because if they are,they may hurt your feelings.For example,if your friend buys a T-shirt that does not suit him,you have to tell him that it looks fantastic on him,so you don't hurt his feelings.These lies are called white lies and you tell them to your friend in order to make him happy.
   In conclusion,I agree that a good friend must be honest,but I also agree that some times a really good friend has to lie to you.