Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1984 activities

Chapters 1-2

Are these sentences about Winston true (/) or false (X)?
  1. a  He is a big man with dark hair.
  2. b  He turns off the telescreen.
  3. c  He works in the Ministry of Truth.
  4. d  He joins the Two Minutes Hate.
  5. e  He throws a dictionary at the telescreen.
  6. f  He breaks the law.
  7. g  He organizes evening activities for the Party.
  8. h  He is hurt by a bomb. 
Chapters 3-4

a does Winston think that Syme will be vaporized?
b does Winston look with disbelief at the telescreen in the
c did Winston and his wife separate?

d is the largest department in the Ministry of Truth?
e happens in the underground rooms below the Ministry of

f does Winston like about the small room above Charrington's


A present!

A very funny video for you to watch: 

And a bonus story for some bedtime reading!