Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A letter

Hi Tom,
I just received your letter.This seems like a difficult choice so I'm happy I can help you!

In my opinion you should choose science for your main course.I believe that, because you can use science in ways that can help many people or even the whole humanity.Also since you were little you were very into science experiments and movies. Furthermore you have to enjoy doing your job in order to be successful in it,so I would definitely  advise you to choose science.I don't believe you should choose languages because in my opinion you would easily get bored with it and you would be unhappy with your job.Moreover I remember you being less interested in class when we had literature lessons than when we had lessons connected with science.

To sum up, I personally think that you should better choose sience because I believe that you will be more interested in it and you are not going to get bored with it.However It's up to you now!I hope that my letter was helpful.
Best wishes,

Friday, October 23, 2015

Writing: Entering talent shows

School children many times tend to enter TV talent shows,but is that good beneficial to them or should they avoid it?In my opinion, there are both advantages and disadvantages to it.

The first advantage is that if school children take part in a talent contest and perform in front of so many people, it can increase their confidence.Moreover, if they have a hidden talent, (comma here) they might be seen by a producer or a director and that can be a very good chance for them to start a promising career.Furthermore, (comma here) true friends will be happy for them and supportive.

On the other hand, (comma)there are also some disadvantages.Firstly, they won't be able to control the fake rumours about them at school.Also, many people that they thought were their friends might be jealous of them and start calling them names and spread rumours behind their back.Finaly, all that might interfere with their studies and lessen their time to do their homework.

To sum up,there are both advantages and disadvantages regarding this issue.However, in my opinion the advantages outweigh the disadvantages because I believe that if a school child doesn't care much about the rumours and has a talent ,it's better to use and evolve it while they are still young.



Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The best way to spend my free time

There could be many preferred ways for someone to spend his free time and they differ from person to person depending on the person's character,plans for the future,age and his mood.I usualy spend my spare time in many different ways depending on the situation, but which one of them is my best?

My best way to spend my free time is to be with friends or alone and play computer games or try to understand and use computer programmes.I usually have just a little free time after 9 o' clock, so I can't do something extreme or a sport.Also, computer games and programmes have helped me enrich my English vocabulary because sometimes I have to look up words I don't already know when they are important in order to understand the meaning of something.Moreover, I am very interested in using and making programmes and games, so this helps me understand how these things work.

In conclusion,the best way for me to spend my spare time is using computer programmes (new software) and playing computer games because it is the most suitable thing to do considering my character,preferences and my available free time.


Friday, October 16, 2015

My favourite sport .....

 My favourite sport is Badminton. Badminton is played by two opposing players and both of them  have to pass the suttlecock (suttlecock is the badminton ball) before It fall on the net. This sport include aerobics, agility, strength and speed. Since 1992 badminton has been an Olympic sport.
 I like it because you play alone, I mean that some times If you play on a team some of your team call you names for the fact that you have done something wrong . Last but not least I always play it with my best friends and this is one of the reason I like so much ....

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για badminton

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για badminton sport

My favourite sport!

 My favourite sport is volleyball.It's a team in which of six players are separated by a net.Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the others team court.Volleyball appears first 1895 in United States and ever since is one of the most popular sports.Also it has take part in Olympic games in 1964.There are three places that you can play volleyball: indoor,on the beach,on grass.One of the best volleyball players is Ricardo Lucarelli.

My Favourite Sport

My favourite sport is cycling.I've been doing it since I was around 6 years old.I started learning at my village and I like it because I am keen on exploring new places and go for small trips.I ususally prefer going for offroad trips to escape all the traffic and see new places.I don't like  racing with bikes because I prefer to cycle with a more  relaxed  pace and observe the nature.

My favourite sport.

  My favourite sport is volleyball.I like volleyball because it is a team sport and you don't play on your own,so you have to rely on your team.As a result, volleyball and team sports in general create bonds among the players.I started playing volleyball at secondary school,before I hated it.You can play volleyball on a beach or at a schoolyard.Volleyball teams are formed by 6 players and you have to pass the ball to the other side with 3 passes to the maximum.If the ball touches the ground or go out of the lines you lose one point,the game ends at 24 points.My favourite volleyball player is Peter Blange because he does the best passes.

My favourite sport!

I like most of the sports, but I believe that my favourite sport is tennis. I like playing tennis and in my opinion is a very demanding sport, because you need to be fit and concentrated. My favourite players are Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

What is your favorite sport and why?

Information from some sites!

Alianait is a charitable organization, founded in 2005, that is leading the way to build a healthier Nunavut through the arts. With Alianait, it is not enough to present high quality performances. They also create events that bring the community together in a healthy environment that is alcohol-free, tobacco-free, pop-free and free for children 12 and under. 
    Public Theater Season:
Public Theater Season is a site that organises free and paid performances by many artists for many hot topics,like ''Under the Radar'' or ''Free Shakespeare in the Park''
Tcg stand for ''Theater Communications Group'' which organises free and paid performances,too.It has organised many performances that help the young people to start watching performances or listening to artist at many concerts.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Speaking Stage 1

1.How do you feel when you have got an exam?
When I have got an exam I feel a bit anxious and I act nervously,like biting my nails or moving my legs RESTLESSLY/ continuously.Furthermore,I am worried because I don't want to forget anything.

2.Do you want to go to university?
Yes,I want to go to  university because I think that it helps you very much,and if you don't have a deGree from a university you won't find a job easily.

3.Are you a competitive person?
No,I don't think I am a competitive person because I don't care much about things that other people care,like playing a video game WELL or be a good scorer at basketball or football.

4.What characteristics must a good friend have?
In my opinion a good friend must be honest and helpful,he/she doesn't need to always be honest .Moreover,a good friend must be a person that you can turn to when you have problems.

5.Have you ever had a swollen ankle/a bad bruise/a black eye?What happened?
Well,if I remember well I had a swollen ankle once when I was 5 or 6 years old.I was playing football with my friends when I tripped over a chair and hurt my ankle.

6.What do you like doing at the weekends?
At the weekends I like meeting my friends and hanging out with them.We usually go to the cinema but other times we play card or video games.Additionally I like taking exercise with my sister.

Who is your favourite entertainer or celebrity?

         I don't have any favourite celebrities, but there are some of them that I like more than the others. For example, I like David Tennant and Matt Smith in the role of Doctor in "Doctor Who", Peter Dinklage in the role of Tyrion Lannister in "Game of Thrones", Mel Gibson, Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom.

Friday, October 9, 2015

More Safe Space for Schools

Dear editor,
I was interested in the article about more safe space for schools.
I have experience of this as once my friend fell and broke his arm because of a broken down spot in our schoolyard.

First of all, I absolutely agree that students need a place where they can exercise and be sociable.Also that safe outdoor space is important for keeping students in good health mentally and physically.It would be good to create a safer outdoor space because many accidents like that my friend had could be prevented.Furthermore, if a safer outdoor space helps students become more healthy, mentally and physically it should also help them to improve their performance at school.

On the other hand we could spend money on other things rather than making a safe outdoor space in order to make the students more careful and responsible.

Finally, I believe that students need a safer outdoor space in order to help them be healthier, perform better at school and prevent more accidents from happening.

Yours faithfully,

Healthy eating: ECCE essay contest

Click here to download the student's book and, if necessary, check some answers using the Teacher's Book. All material is made and distributed by the Hellenic American Union. 

My Favourite Entertainers and celebrities

One of my favourite celebrities is the author J. K. Rowling.She is famous for writting the Harry Potter books.She was born in Bristol(1965).Also she started writing the Harry Potter books in very diffucult times of her life.I chose her because I have read all the Harry Potter books and I  liked them very much.

Another one of my favourite celebrities is Edmund McMillen.He is an American game designer and comic artist and he is 35 years old.He spent his childhood with his grandmother,whom he considers his greatest source of support.I chose him because I have tried some of his games and they are interesting and fun.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Personal Questions

1)How do you feel when you've got an exam?
When I've got an exam I usualy feel anxious and nervous but at the same time impatient to take the exam and finish it.
2) Do you want to go to the university?
I want to go to the university because it will be very important in order to achieve my goals and dreams
3)Are you a competitive person?
I don't think I am a very competitive person because most of the time I prefer being calm rather than trying to surpass the others.
4)What characteristics must a good friend have?
In my opinion a good friend has to be helpful loyal and trustworthy.I also think that a good friend has to always be there for you in both good and bad times.
5)Have you ever had a swollen ankle/a bad bruise/a black eye?What happened?
Yes I have had.I once hurt my ankle while I was playing basketball.
6)What do you like doing at the weekends?
At the weekends,I like meeting or going to the cinema with my friends,playing computer games,listening to music,watching movies and series and going for walks.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Personal Questions

1) How do you feel when you've got an exam?  
When I have got an exam I feel emotional.If I have study well I'm very confident about the exam.But when I've not study very well I feel anxious and nervous.

2)Do you want to go to university?
Yes I'd love to go to university.I believe that it is a very good and useful qualification for my future to find a job.

3)Are you a competitive person?
I don't think that I am a competitive person because I'm not always anxious to be better than everyone else.

4)What characteristics must a good friend have?
I think that the most important thing must a friend have is honesty.A good friend must always tells the truth.Also another thing is loyalty.Friends should be loyal and never to squeal their friends.

5)Have you ever had a swollen ankle/a bad bruise/a black eye?What happened?
Yes, I have.While I was playing hopscotch I fell and I broke my right hand.

6)What do you like doing at the weekend?
In my free time at the weekend I like to go jogging and cycling with my best friend.Also I like watching adventure films with my cousin.

Speaking questions Stage 1

1. How do you feel when you've got an exam ?
   One of my feelings when I've got to give an exam is  anxious because, I don't know how well I had read and my knowledge can anwer all the questions.
2. Do you want to go to university ?
   Yes,I'd like to go to university and I wish My dream came true to become a dentist.
3. Are you a competitive person ?
    In my opinion, I am not competitive but, some things could make me .
4. What characteristics must a good friend have ?
     Well, I think a friend have to be honest, patient, mature and decisive.
5. What do you like doing at the weekends ?
    I usually go for shopping with friends and of course I read English !!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Essay about television

     Nowadays, most of people have at least one television at their houses. But is it always beneficial to watch it? In my pinion, we have two aspects to consider.
     There are some advantages of watching television. First of all, viewers have been given the opportunity to watch a variety of programmes on their screens. Consequently, all people can watch and learn from documentaries and they can also be entertained by watching their favourites films or cereals. Moreover, people can hear the news or watch sports matches. The second advantage is that if young children watch educational programmes the will surely reap the benefits.
     However, watching television has also some important diasdvantages. Firstly, people can be hooked on that screen. As a result, children and teenagers or adults may forget to do their homework or housework and fulfil their obligations. In this way all people may get in trouble. Another disadvantage is that all viewers are exposed to watch all those advertisements and their favourites programmes are interrupted. That may be very annoying.
     In conclusion, television has some advantages, but it has also some important disadvantages. If adolescents and teenagers use it in the right way, they will be entertained and informed. Furthermore, they will enrich their own knowledge.