Monday, October 7, 2013



1)I usually go with my friends at down town.We often go at cafe but I prefer stay home with my friends and talk about different things.when I go to to the down town, we go to iridanos cafe. there are a lot of choise is.We go to Iridanos because it has very nice music.

2)Of caurse I go to the cinema and I see a lot of different kinds of films.The last time when I went to the cinema I saw a film called "The last song".It's a perfect  drama film.I don't like go to the theatre.I sometimes go to ther restaurant with my parents.

3)I listen to music evry day.I really like rock and alternative music.My favourite band is scorpions and my favourite singer is Eleonora Zouganeli. she sings alternative music.I really like her because has different style.My favourite song is "see you".

4)I prefer going to the cinema bause I believe that it is about our age. Also, I believe that when I am older I really prefer going to the theater and I don't like going to the cinema.

5)my favourite actors are Leonardo DiCaprio and Rachel McAdamas because because  both are handsome.Leonardo DiCaprio was handsome when he was plauing on the titanic not now.I really like them because. they are very good actors.

6)I have seen drama movies recently for example "The Notebook" or "The Last song"

7)I often go to see movies f.e one time a month or two times.

8)I really like the drama movies but I see adventure ans horror films.I really like those types of movies because there are suspense and terrors.

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