Tuesday, October 1, 2013

E C C E - Speaking Test

Leisure (free) time / hobbies / sports / vacation

1.In my spare time I always listen to music!Music usually relax me when I am nervous or shy.Also,if the weather is sunny, I call my best friends and go for a walk or go to Eiffel to dring coffe.

2.At the weekends we often go to Malia. It is very great because I chat with my sister and talk generally about boys all day.As well if we have a lot of energy we go to a tennis court and play.Futhermore,on Sundays my father makes barbecue and my mum,my sister and I chat and laugh all day.At weekdays in the morning I go to shcool,at noon I eat lunch and then I read till the evening.If I  finish my homework I listen to music.BORING days!

3.My favourite hobby is to volleyball but I'm keen on others hobbies like riding my bike, playing tennis,painingt my nails,making my hair etc.

4.I'm not involved in any sports but if I had more free time,I would like to take part in a volleyball team to exercise and make more friends.

5.In my neibourhud there are many places where I can go in my free time.There are seven cafes where I can go with my friends but I haven't much spare time to go!

6 & 7 & 8.I don't like espesially to read.However reading is very useful because if you read,you learn new words and this helps you at essays.If I was mad about reading,I would choose romantic books because I'm keen on love stories.

9 & 10.I didn't have the chance to be abroad unfortunately.Nevertheless if I could go abroad,I would like to be in Spain because it is my favourite country after Grecce!

11.When we go on vacation,we like to travel with a ship.I prefer it because I think it is safer than an airplane and I choose to see the sea than the birds!

12.In the summer we are at Malia but there I haven't got any friends unhappily!So I don't do spesial things.I usually go with my mother to the beach and when I am at home I play different games in  my phone.

13.This summer we are planing to go on an island because we have never been on it.Mostly I want to go on an island to see  beaches and boys.

14 & 15.In my point of view the best holiday destination is Thessaloniki where we went two years ago.We went everywhere and we saw everything!For example the white castle, the castle of OTE.Also we went to many ancient places!So we enjoied our travel!

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