Friday, February 25, 2011

Application Letter

Dear Mr Boston,

I am writing in response to your advertisment which I saw in an English language magazine.

I would be very interested in this job as I am keen on music. I would love to work in a international music shop. I passionately listen to all the kinds of music. As a result, I know a great deal of information about singers and songs. Moreover, I have got a degree on music. As for foreign languages, I am a holder of the ECCE and FCE certificates. Also, I have worked as a teacher of English.

As for my experience, I worked for 3 years in a music shop and I stopped to go to univerity. So, I know how to handle the customers. I can persuade the customers to buy CDs. I am polite, I have confidence and, most importantly, I am punctual. I firmly believe I am suitable for this job because I have all the qualifications needed.
I am looking forward your reply.

   Yours sincerely,
     Christos Babis

An Application Letter

Dear Mr. Boston,
I am writing in connection with the advertisement I saw.I would like to tell you why I am suitable for that job in the global music shop.

 First of all, I have a great knowledge of music on account of my hobbies. In other words, much of my free time is spent by listening to all types of music at home. As for foreign languages, I speak English fluently owing to my teacher who is called Christina.I have been studying English for many years and I am a holder of the FCE certificate.

As far as my experience is concerned ,I have worked  in my family's music shop for many years ,which offered me valuable knowledge. I was so determined that I was studying and listening to music simultaneously.When I was eighteen years old, I worked hard in other music shops. The harder I worked, the better I learnt.

I would be grateful if you chose me. I look forward to hearing from you.
 Yours sincerely,
 Maximos Filippakis

A letter of application

Dear Mr Boston,

I am writing in response to your advertisement about an available position in your international music shop.

I am very interested in this job, as I am very keen on Rock, Classical, Pop and Jazz music. I also speak English quite well and would like the opportunity to practise it more. In addition, I am a holder of the ECCE certificate.

As for my experience, I was a member of the choir at school and I have taken part in a talent show competition in Britain. What is more, I am very experienced, as I have worked in my father's music shop for two years, so I know how to treat the customers. As well as having these skills, I think I am the ideal person for you, since I am sociable and confident and I would enjoy working in your international music shop. It will help me to improve my skills and would enable me to be financially independent.

I hope you will consider me for this position.

 Yours sincerely,
   Rafaela Kokkinou

Car Accidents

Dear Host,

I agree with the government's idea because young people are not very careful and they may cause accidents. Youngsters may also race against each other and they cannot handle the speed. However, I disagree in a way because students at university may need transport to get to their lessons.

The solution is to stop them from driving at night until they are twenty-one. Additionally, one more solution is to keep the age the same, but restrict the size of car they can drive. Moreover, we can drive smaller sized engines up to 1300cc.

I am sure many readers will agree with my point of view.

   Maximos Filippakis