Tuesday, October 8, 2013

E C C E - Speaking Test Education Answers

1.  I am in the first year of senior high school.

2.  No, because we have strict teachers, also we haven't very good children ( they are smoking ect.)

3.  In my school I like the school trips because we are going to play football at the LIDO Soccer, I like sitting at the benches with my friends and playing with ours mobile phones, also I like playing basketball.

4,5.  My favorite subject at school is Maths because I don't like the other subjects such as Ancient Greeks, History, Literature ect..

6. I don't like Literature because in my opinion isa terrible subject.

7.  If I don't pass I am planing to  study a lot to pass them at September. If I pass I am planing to do nothing, I want to relax.

8.  I am planing to study for a degree at piloting for 5 months and then to find a job at an airline.

9.  I think yes because now every job wants a degree at English and at School.

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