Thursday, November 6, 2014

Comment exchange

Hello bloggers! You are welcome to leave a written comment on our French e-pals' new blog post about a very interesting sculpture: 

Click on the link and then click on 'comments' under the text to write something in the comment box. Good luck with your mission! 

If you want to see some Spymasters comment on the sculpture orally, watch this video!!! 

Benefits of technology

Task; Essay

Some people think that using modern technology for educational purposes helps students learn more and faster. What do you think are some of the benefits of using technology in the classroom? Give specific examples to support your view.

Nowadays, the invasion of technology in our daily life and more specifically in education is considered a wide spread phenomenon. The possibilities and the innovative ways of teaching, technology offers us are countless and immensely essential in order to succeed an alternative lesson which combines both modern technology tactics and traditional methods of teaching.

As far af I am concerned, one of the most important advantages of digital learning is that helps us go paperless since today, it is incredibly necessary to minimize paper use in order to gain additional energy. Furthermore, one of the most obvious perks of technology use is that students are able to enjoy a wide variety of interactive activities which makes the lesson more interesting and motivating for them and as a result leads to the creation of flipped classrooms to wit, the ideal classrooms in which students and teachers interact and influence each other.

What is more, the online communication through video chats with other foreign students and teachers and also, the online lessons among the class are some of the most entertaining and openminded technology's use results. However, last but not least, through digital education,  both students and teachers have easier and quicker access to information and in addition, new activities for all the learning styles (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) could be created with the contribution of technology.

To sum up, technology is blessing if we utilise it and use it wisely. However, such as in everything, its overuse could lead in undesirable results. So, to conclude, we should reap technology's benefits and follow it in magic, unexplored paths...!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Describing And Contrasting Pictures

In the following text are going to be described and contrasted those 5 photos that are included in the link; 

Picture 1 is showing a picturesque path in a argicultural, mountainous aera. (in Giouchtas mountain in Crete as we are informed by the caption) The weather is cloudy and maybe a little bit foggy. The background has a lush vegetation and generally the aera is particularly stony. Moreover Picture 2 is quite related with the previous Picture due to the fact that is showing the view of the mountain Giouchtas. The scenery is breath-taking and immensely spectacular as we can see the whole valley down of the mountain and we can enjoy - a little bit blurrily due to the high altitude - its variety of vagatation. On the other hand, Picture 3 is completely different to the previous ones since it shows a quiet costal aera, and more specificaly Heraklion's port. We are able to see the calm clean sea and some boats and yachts that surrounds the castle "Koule". The scenery remind us again the picturesque aspect of Heraklion. In contrast, the following pictures are completely different, since they both show aeras that are located in Barchelona, Spain. However, the first picture is refered to an urban Barchelona's aera with many people who surround huge building which could be a company or maybe a shopping mall. In addition, in the bottom right-hand corner there are some trees and a fountain. Generally, a pleasant environment occurs. Furthermore, the last picture shows Park Duell, a world famous park due to its innovative, creative architecture. In the foreground there are some tourists who are taking photographs while they are enjoying the view whereas in the top right-hand corner there is a variety of stange colourful buildings. To sum up, apart from picture 1 and two that are refered to the same place and maybe picture 4 and 5, each pictures shows something different but undoubtedly beautiful.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Benefits of using technology

  Technology is used in every classroom. It is a widespread phenomenon and there are many ways in which it aids both teachers and students during the learning and teaching process

(The students can reap the benefits of the use of technology as it is suitable for all learning styles.)--> not to be stated in the introduction, but in the main body

  There are a lot of benefits of using technology. Firstly, the lessons become more interesting because of the wide variety of online activities and the opportunity to chat with foreign students. Students can be more open minded and knowledgable, (comma) as they have access to the internet and they can obtain useful information, read e-books and encyclopedias or join a social networking site. Moreover, there are online lessons for students to do at home.
  There are further benefits related to technology in the classroom. It encourages people to keep learning and it helps students with disabilities to conduct research more easily. Also, teachers can prepare their lesson, find lots of activities and discover new methods of teaching.
  In conlusion, there is a number of advantages related to the use of technology. It is a blessing and an intriguing way to learn information if we use it wisely.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


"Recall of the Past"

    Alan knew it was time to get up, but he wished that he didn't have to. The alarm clock was shaking maiacally while making an ear-splitting sound. However, Alan was completely soaked up by his thoughts that his surroundings didn't affect him.It had been a year since his daughter and wife's violent deathand despite the time, he would never get used to their sudden loss.The phone rang. It was his boss calling, so he couldn't ignore the call despite his desire to do so.

"Emergency calling Alan! I know you have a hard time joining us today, but it's necessary! Meet us at 10 Queens Road! Arson alarm!"

Alan didn't say a word. He just put his phone down and started getting dressed.

    Some minutes later he was at 10 Queens Road - as his boss har ordered - waiting to storm into the building where a pyromaniac with 10 imprisoned innocent citizent had been spotted. As soon as he recognised the preassinged signals, he stormed confident into the building. In front of th cramped entrance there were various piles of papers surrounded by huge ethanol bottles. 10 people were tied in the middle of the room while a muscular man was mysteriously smiling.

    All of a sudden, Alan remembered that the remarkable man's smile was the cause of his smile loss, since he was the killer of his family. He understood it was a trap and tried to escape from the flaming building. However, it was too late. The serial killer shot Alan's leg and as a result he fell down screaming. The last thing he saw was a match slowly fallinf down and gradually  touching the floor. That was the last thing he saw before he finally woke up to drive his daughter to school...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Surprise: Film Night!

On Tuesday 8th September (although the next morning we were writing a Cambridge test), we all decided to pay a visit at the movies, as we get on very well with each other. We were actually faced with a dilemma about which movie to see. After a lot of thinking, we reached a decision. Eva had already seen the first option, which was "Step up 5, All in",  so there was only one left, that is "Lucy".  


What if a human could use 100%  of  the cerebral capacity? This is basically the main query and point of the film. Lucy,  accidentally caught in a dark deal, turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic. After she discovers that a powerful drug, called CPH4 has been sewn into her abdomen, she immediately contacts a well-know scientist, who can help her out. Gradually, after many things have happened (I won't reveal anything!), she shapes a next generation supercomputer, which will contain all of her enhanced knowledge of the universe. She then begins a space time journey into the past, eventually reaching the oldest discovered ancestor of mankind, implied to be Lucy. Professor Norman, takes a black flash drive offered by the supercomputer that Lucy made by her body, before the machine turns into dust. Before that, Lucy had reached 100% of her cerebral capacity and disappeared within the space time continuum. Finally, Lucy (who is implied to be everywhere), is heard stating: "Life was given to us a billion years ago. Now you know what you can do with it."

By seeing Lucy, we spent quality time together and I hope to do it again! We also practised our English.  I can highly recommend this particular film, because it raises questions about life and time! On balance, I believe it was worth staying up until 11 o'clock. 

                                                 Commemorative photograph:

Informal Email

Dear Patrick, 

It was great to hear from you. I had a fantastic time at your party, too. I'm writing to answer your questions.

Firstly, you asked me whether to buy a TV or a laptop. I suggest you buy a laptop. In my opinion, it is more useful and necessary than a TV, which already exists in your house. By buying a portable PC with wireless connection, not only will you be able to keep in touch with your friends, but you're also going to be entertained. Lastly, you can back up your assignments.

Well, you should visit a computer superstore, such as "Public", if you want to be satisfied with your buy. If I were you, I'd visit specific websites, or I'd go to different shops to gather information. Better safe than sorry! 

Unfortunately, I'm not free on Friday, because I have a doctor's appointment. Is Saturday convenient for you?

Write back soon and take care.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Activity 1
               I completed the online quiz and I am fascinated because of  my memory as I scored 27 out of 30.

Activity 2


                             1) He saw the bus in front of him and decided to hold the horses.( He slowed down)

                             2) Putting all the parts of this puzzle together might take a while. ( Take a lot of time)

                             3) Tom and Marry had so many fights that they decided to break up, so Tom drowned his sorrows by consuming alcohol. ( Handle his problem).

                             4) My maths teacher always says: " There is more to Maths than meets the eye" ( It is more interesting than what I believe)

                             5) After he gave the money to the poor he said: " It was for a worthy case and I don't regret it."

                              6) You have a lot going on in this weekend! ( You are very busy)

                              7) The manager found out how to deal with the problem by exclaiming " I figured it out!"

                              8)  My brother has been working on his writing skills since last summer.

                              9) I held the table tight while I was shocked by the earthquake.

                            10) When she saw that everything was fine, she breathed a sign of relief and she said: " Oh! Goodness!"

                            11) I will go to the cinema tonight. Care to join me?

                            12) When Tom goes to bed, his mother always says: "Sleep tight! Don't let the bedbugs bite."

                            13) Don't be a nut job!  

Listen, listen, listen!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Personal Questions

Topics to focus on:

To begin with, I do watch films very often. I guess that's because I don't watch much TV. I usually go to the cinema, because the big screen is not in existence in my bedroom. Apart from that, having access to the Internet has helped me download films and watch them whenever I want. I don't have a favourite type of film, but if the plot is interesting, I can't wait to see it! 


Well, music is an irresistible charm for me.  It is part of my daily life (for example, I listen to music when I walk down the street, or while I'm studying) and it is necessary for me, as it eliminates my anxiety. My favourite sorts are trance, electro and generally dance music. The rhythm is either relaxing, or energetic and as there no lyrics to make it tiring. 

Free time activities:

To be honest, I don't have much free time, because I'm always busy with my handouts. But when I want to switch off , I'd rather spend quality time with my friends. We prefer to walk down town, go shopping and then hang out in a cafeteria. Apart from that, I am fond of reading books; both English and Greek. Reading provides me useful information and especially when historical events are being mentioned.  Moreover, as I have already mentioned, I like listening to music and going to the cinema. I also like playing volleyball and I am a leader of a team (called O.F.I.). 


First and foremost, by mastering English my horizons are broadened, as I obtain inevitable knowledge. Then, it affects positively the way I behave and think and that's why I enjoy studying it. To continue, I definitely believe that it will be useful for me in the future; firstly because I want to become a teacher of English and live abroad and secondly because I want to travel a lot. Not only is English a means of communication, but it is also an important qualification. Taking all these into consideration, the invasion of English in my life is very important. 

About me

Let's talk about...

I really enjoy listening to music because it relaxes me and gives me energy. I usually listen to pop music. If I like a song I find the lyrics and then I sing karaoke. Sometimes I read the review of this song but not very often because I don't care so much what the other people say. When I come back from school I sometimes listen to music because, as I said before, is relaxing. As for my favourite Greek group, I like Vegas.

Watching films is my favourite activity. I am really keen on adventure and fantasy films. I usually go to the cinema at weekends with my best friend and we have a great time. Also, I rent DVDs and watch them at home.

Free time
In my free time I usually watch TV,playing computer games,listening to music or read a book. In school periods I don't have so much free time because I have a lot of homework but I usually read a small book or watch a movie. At weekends I usually hang out with my friends. Moreover, I do active things such as dancing or jogging.

English is the global language and I obtain valuable information from it. It will be useful if I travel to another country and I want to communitate with other people or set up my own business. An English certificate is an important qualification, too.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Letter Of Complaint

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction about the summer sports camp, where I spent two weeks, after seeing your brochure.

According to your advertisement, a range of sports would be offered, but instead I realised that the only option available was tennis. Although I enjoy playing tennis, I would prefer something more vigorous. In addition, private rooms did not exist. I am very frustrated for having to share my room, which was not spacious enough, with two strangers.

To make matters worse, the meals included in the price were too small, indeed. Therefore, I was obligated to get takeaways. On top of everything, not only was I disappointed with the lack of evening activities, but I was also shocked by the organisers' behavior. Unfortunately, they were completely indifferent to my complaints.

I request a full refund of my disastrous holidays, as I could have spent my money on splendid holidays. I hope action will be taken to rectify these problems, though. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Yours faithfully,
 Marina Konstantinou. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A report

To: Mr Dixon
From: Eva Chrisostomaki
Date: 3 August 2014
Subject: Skills and qualifications for students working at KoolKids

The purpose of this report is to recommend the skills and qualifications the foreign students will need to have to work at KoolKids summer camp.

Facts about KoolKids
Kool Kids is an international summer camp with lots of activities for children all over Europe. It is a quite big and relaxing place with a lot of greenery and many facilities. The camp offers hospitality to approximately 250 to 300 children and it also provides accommodation in large and comfortable dormitories. There is a big amount of activities such as dancing, martial arts, extreme sports, etc. Also, the beach is near the camp. That means that a lot of water activities are provided. Now, I would like to suggest the skills and qualifications that students will need to have.

Suggested skills and qualifications
You do not need any special qualifications for a position at the summer camp, but you have to have secondary school education. You also need to be a team player and have good communication skills. Moreover, it would be great if tou are an enthusiastic and sporty type of person and (of course) love children.

To conclude, I can strongly recommend the KoolKids as a place to work. You will have a great time and a positive experience. I am sure you will not regret it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Chess Boxing

Chess Boxing

Nowadays, because of the increased need for new, innovative creations, more and more strange extreme sports are being invented. Some of them may seem a bit ridiculous and funny, but every single one of them has something unique, mysterious and unprecedented about it, and these are the reasons they attract so many people from all the age groups. After conducting some research, I'd like to introduce you to one of the most weird, but actually incredibly interesting and difficult, sport in the world! It is called; chess boxing.

Chess boxing is an alternative, hybrid sport that combines chess and boxing. Although it was first  invented in the late 1970s, its big debut hapenned in 2000, when championships started being held too.

 Structure an rules
A full match consists of eleven rounds: six round of chess, each three minutes long, and five rounds of boxing, each three minutes long (sometimes four minutes under amateur rules ). The match begins with a chess match and alternate with boxing until the end of the match. There is also a one-minute break between evry challenge, during which competitors cool out and change gear.

In relevance with the special kit, the competitors wear special boxing costumes and closed-back headphones, while playing chess, in order to focus on the game and avoid hearing comments from the spectators and instructors.

Required skills
In order to participate in an annual championship you must, not only be an experienced boxer, but also be at least Class A strength as chess player ( professional level ).

... So if you are interested in chess boxing, you'd better start working out because it needs countless hours of working out in order to be good at it! Hoever, in my opinion, it'll be worth it, since chess boxing is one of the few sports, that actually combines physical exercise and mental exercise. That's why I highly recommend it to all of you!

This is a video of the first chess boxing championship! I hope you enjoy this!!!

Despicable Me 2


Activity 1
I completed the online quiz and I was very satisfied with my score which was 27 out of 30.

Activity 2 
The definition of the idioms:

  1. Hold the horses = slow down, hold on, wait
  2. Take a while = spend some time doinf sth
  3. Drown my sorrows = dealing with your problems or anxiety by consuming usually alcohol
  4. More to us than meets the eye = more weird or interesting than sb/sth before
  5. For a worthy cause = for sth good and important
  6. Have a lot going on = being very busy
  7. Figure it out = deal with, handle, work on
  8. Working on = trying to improve
  9. Hold tight  = grip
  10. Oh! Goodess! = phrase usually used on extremely impressive or terrifying situations
  11. Care to join me? = to invite sb to come, sit, chat with you
  12. Sleep tight! Don't let the bedbugs bite = sleep well
  13. A nut job = crazy and foolish person
  14. Go about your business = stick to your own job 


  1. Please stop worrying about me and go about your business! It can be really annoying!
  2. I really need to figure it out... I am a little cautious about this...
  3. This might take a while, but it's a very important step if you want the work to be done carefully and properly so you should wait!

Activity 3
First of all, I have to admit that Despicable Me 2 - to my surprise - was much better than the first one and I had the time of my life watching it. All the movie was hilarious and full of adventure and mystery. However, although there was a wide range of scenes that completely stood out, I still cannot choose my favourite one... I undoubtly laugh a lot when Pollito attacked Lucy and Gru and also, when Gru went on a date with an annoying woman and Lucy helped him to get rid of her! This one was for sure one of the best! Moreover, minions stood out again with their foolish and chilidish character and made the movie even more entertaining, hilarious and unique!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Despicable Me 2!

Activity 1:  I completed the online quiz and I scored 29 out of 30! I guess it's a good score, so I'm satisfied with my memory.

Activity 2:
Here are the definitions of the idioms:
  •  Hold the horses!(or Hold your horses) = hold on, wait
  • Take a while = spend a lot of time doing sth
  • Drown my sorrows =to handle your problems by consuming a substantial quantity of alcohol
  • More to us than meets the eyes = more interesting or complicated than sm or sth appears at first
  • For a worthy cause = for sth that is important (like a charity)
  • Have a lot going on = be busy
  • Figure it out = work out 
  • Working on = trying to improve
  • Hold tight = clasp, grip 
  • Oh! Goodness! = we use that phrase when we can't stand a situation 
  • Care to join me? = Would you like to come with me?
  • Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite. = Sleep well
  • A nut job = a crazy and foolish person 
  • Go about your business = to continue doing what you usually do
  1. I quarelled with my best friend and I want to apologise to her, but I haven't found the best way, yet. I've been trying to figure it out  for the last 2 weeks.
  1. While my family were having lunch, I was working out a very difficult math problem. I had already told them that it might take a while, so I didn't care to join them.
  1. When I grow up, I would like to raise money for a worthy cause. That is, I would like to raise it for charity. 

Activity 3:  The funniest scene:

To begin with, "Despicable Me 2" was a hilarious animation film! As a comedy, it has many funny scenes from which I cannot choose (I'm definitely indecisive!).  Of course the Minions take pride of place in the film and the scenes, where they appear, become even more splendid. I can't imagine the film without them! Apart from that, the Minions have become so popular that a game has been invented, called The Minion Rush. So I believe all the Minions scenes are my favourites, because I believe they're kind of friends to me! 

By the way, here's a video of all their scenes in the film:

To be honest, I have another favourite funny scene and it's Antonio's (El Macho's son) and Margo's (one of Gru's daughters and actually the oldest one) dance. While the two tender aged individuals are dancing, Gru decides to watch after his daughter, as he doesn't really like Antonio. Well, even in animation films, father's habits never stop to exist! Gru is basically a classical father in that scene!

I hope you enjoy the videos! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Report

To: Mr Dixon
From: Marina Konstantinou
Date: 30 July 2014
Subject: Skills and qualifications for students working at Koolkids

  This report is intended to recommend the skills and qualifications that foreign students will need to have in order to be taken on at Koolkids. 

Facts about Koolkids
  To begin with, Koolkids is a spacious and coastal international summer camp, which offers a wide variety of activities (for instance, water sports and crafts). Moreover, this particular camp  provides a range of facilities, such as pools and courts. Koolkids is the ideal way for teenagers to find employment. So, I would like to suggest the specific skills and qualifications, which are required.

Suggested skills and qualifications
  First of all, students are obligated to have secondary school education. Furthermore, not only should students be qualified with team spirit, but they should also have good communication skills, as they will cooperate with other successful applicants. In addition, a love for children and responsibility are called for, because employees are going to deal with tender aged individuals too.

  To conclude, I can highly recommend working at Koolkids if the applicants have the skills and qualification already mentioned. I am assured that students will definitely cope with employment in this extraordinary working environment.


  Have you ever wanted to imitate a hamster? Well, you can experience it by trying zorbing (or the hamster ride, as I call it). Zorbing is an actual sport of rolling downhill inside a giant, lightweight ball made of flexible plastic. Orbing, or Zorbing entered the Concise Oxford English Dictionary in 2001, where it is defined as: "a sport in which a participant is secured inside an inner capsule in a large, transparent ball, which is then rolled along the ground or down hills". Apart from that, zorbing is performed at commercial locations, where the thrill-seekers pay a fee for each ride, or for day's activity.  The first zorbing site was established in Rotorua, New Zealand by Dwane van de Sluis and Andrew Akers, in 1994. Later, the orb (= the plastic ball) manufacturing company was taken over by the two Akers brothers, that is, Andrew and David. 

Here's a video about zorbing in New Zealand!

  It seems really fascinating and hilarious, but once you enter the orb, there is no turning back. The long-haul distance ride takes only a few seconds to finish, as the speed is high, indeed. So, although zorbing is fun if the safety rules are not observed, the effects are extremely serious. Plenty of individuals, who have tried it, have been injured. In order to avoid being hurt, as far as I'm concerned, the sport's rules should change. In spite of these objections, zorbing is fine not only for daredevils, but also for ordinary people.Finally, would you take the risk and try zorbing, or would you like to play it safe?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Charles Dickens's biography

                             A very interesting book!

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens is one of the most famous writers in Britain. He was born in 1812 near Portsmouth on the south coast of England and he died on 9 June, 1870. As a child, he and his family were living in poor and he didn't have a lot of happy memories. His father was in prison because of the debts that were not paid.
       His novels

   He has wonderful written skills! By his novels, not only did he present his strong feelings, but he also defended the people who suffered by poverty. He always supported his opinion and his books are controversial. "Christmas Carol", "Oliver Twist", "David Copperfield" and other world-famous mastrerpieces have a very important message for all of us.

My opinion

At first glance, I don't like the idea of reading a biography due to the fact that I think that it might be boring, but we mustn't forgot the phrase: " Don't judge a book by its cover." Then I came round to my teacher's way of thinking. Never had I been fascinated so much by a book! I definitely recommend it! While I was reading this book, I also noticed that there are more to biographies than meets the eye! And I am ready to run a mile in order to read another biography like this. 

An extreme sport!


   What's the funniest, craziest and ( I nearly forgot)... the "easiest" sport you can think of? Do you believe that there is a sport that players are bounce on a trampoline to strike the ball and to pass it over a net? In fact, this sport exists and it is called bossaball. It began in Spain by Belgian Filip Eyckmans.

 In this sport, the player has to pass the ball by using any body part in order to score by landing the ball in the opposing team's court.
     This sport requires a lot of training! Due to the fact that during you do acrobatics, quite often you might get seriously injured for instunce to fall down and to get bruised! On the other hand, it is an absolutely interesting, funny and spectacular sport.
      To sum up, I really believe that bossaball will get more popular. However, I wouldn't like to try it but I really recommend it you if you are an adrenaline junkie because there is more in this sport than meets the eye!  

For further information you can visit the site:


What's the craziest sport you can think of? How about jumping off cars, buildings or anything that pops into your mind? In fact, parkour was invented by David Belle during the late 1980s and was developed in France. Nowadays, parkour is very popular.

Last week I had a chance to go and see some parkour training. The first thing I noticed was the bravery of all these teenagers and adults. They were jumping off buildings and doing tricks in the air. They used things that they are not very important to us, such as barrels or walls, but for parkour athletes these are really important and useful. They were surprisingly fast and careful.

  However, there is one big disadvantage. It is very easy to get hurt or bruised. Coaches train the teenagers to be careful with their tricks.

  I think the sport will stay/ remain popular in the future because it is very enjoyable. Anyone who wants to participate must be strong, both mentally and physically. I would like to try it one day if I have the chance.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Internet and social networking


 Nowadays the Internet use is the most convenient way to find information not only about school assignments, but also about the latest news in our world. Apart from that, the Internet is a very chip solution to a problem, which is called entertainment. By surfing the Net, we can find a wide variety of applications and online websites, which will help us watch movies and series and listen to music too. Moreover, we can't forget the online shopping! Millions of people prefer buying online to shopping down town, in the city's hustle and bustle. Lastly, another advantage of Internet is the communication. (READ LATER!) 

  On the other hand, though, the excessive use of the Internet may be harmful to us (-because of the computer - for instance it might damage our eyes, it is extremely bad for our posture). What is more, the tender aged individuals might get addicted to it and neglect their homework seriously. Another disadvantage of the Internet, is getting misinformed while conducting a survey. Not everything on Internet is 100% trustworthy.

  To sum up, if we misuse the Internet, we won't broaden our horizons as we are supposed to.


  As for social networking, first of all, it is really useful as it gives us opportunities to communicate not only with relatives or friends who are far away, but also with people who are close to us. Apart from that it is free and we can have access to it easily. Furthermore, chances to meet new people are provided. 

  However, making new friendships, or giving personal details  is not always safe. The danger of meeting hazardous people who want to harm is increasing. Moreover pupils might get obsessed with social networking  and be restricted from the society, their family and not concentrate on their homework. 

  On balance, if we use the social networking system safely, we won't get any harm.


  Taking all these into consideration, as far as I'm concerned,  it is not in our best interest to spend a lot of hours using the Internet and the social networking system. That's because both of them hide dangers. So, parents should supervise their children to study harder. Apart from that, both can make us become isolated and they can destroy our best relationships. Last but not least, if we use them wisely, we could reap the benefits of both!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Internet and social networking

 Everybody now is using the computer. Peοple have at least one kind of new technology at home or in their working place. But is the interet and social networking safe?
   To begin with, children and especially teenagers spend too many hours in front of the computer screen. That might damage their eyes orcause them to have some other health problems. Also, the passionate net users might be unsociable because they spend most of their time chatting than talking to other people outside. They "become" part of the computer and they may lose their real friends. Their parents advise their children to stop, but they only thing that they succeed in is to make their children angry with them.
   However, the internet has its bright side. For example, some children cannot express their feelings face to face and chatting with friends is a way to achieve that. Moreover, they can look up information and improve their language. Every person wants to keep up with everyone's news and that's why they turn to the social networking places.
   Taking all this into consideration, I think that parents should let their children be at (use) the computer for some hours because it is good to talk with their friends or learn new things by surfing on the internet.It must be noted that children and teenagers must be responsible so that they avoid health problems or losing their real friends.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


We loved discussing with Patricia Johnston about the music industry and her job as a musician, artist manager and company director. Teenage students of upper intermediate level were thrilled to ask her questions about her action worldwide and listen to all the exciting answers she gave us.

Links to help students blog about their impressions:

About the jazz guitarist, Gilad Hekselman: :

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Letter of Application-Cambridge Book

Dear Mrs Benson,

  I am writing in response to your advertisement which I saw in an English Language Newspaper. I would like to apply for a position in your international bookshop.
  I am 13 years old and I speak English very well as I have been studying the language for the past five years. I like books and reading very much and especially adventure and fantasy books. I am free every day this summer and I would like very much to eam my own income.
  I had a part-time job before as a sales assistant in a bookshop. I consider myself to be a hard-working person. I work a lot and you can count on me to arrive at work on time. Moreover, I am an enthusiastic person and I like learning new things. I am also very friendly and patient with the customers. 
 If you require any further information, please contact me and I am also available for an interview.

Yours sincerely,
Eva Chrisostomaki

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Discursive Essay

Topic: Advantages and disadvantages of entering talent contests while still at school.

Nowadays, many children wish they entered a TV talent show. At first glance, it looks like a fascinating life. However, not everything is easy in life for those, who give it a successful shot.

There are many advantages of entering a talent show. First of all, more experience and fame are gained. Furthermore, there will may be new suggestions from the entertainment industry. More specifically, once children, who are obsessed with becoming famous, succeed in those kind of competitions, their fame will definitely take off.

On the other hand, though, there are many disadvantages. Firstly, school children's excitement about the show, leads them to neglect their homework. Moreover, nobody can actually understand young pupils' anxiety about their performance on stage. So, the fear of failure is directly related to the public humiliation. In addition, classmates might take advantage of the instant fame, so jealousy and competitiveness may be unearthed.

On balance, as far as I am concerned, the advantages are outweighed by the disadvantages. The exposure in the public eye, especially for tender aged individuals, only brings misery. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Letter of opinion!

Dear Sir/Madam,

       I am writing with reference the article about the safe space for schools that I read with interest. I stronly believe that scchools have to provide a safe space for keeping students in good health, mentally and physically.

      Firstly, I could not agree more that students need a place where they can exercise and be sociable. So, I support the idea of turning the school yard into an attractive one with a lot of greenery. Due to the fact that are tired after the lesson so they need a place to relax and to breathe a sigh of relief. Therefore, in an modernplace students are able to come together and to feel up to excercising and having fun. So, boredom will wear off. Moreover, new students can easily settle into a tidy and beautifully decorated place.
       I also understand the fact that schools spend money on equipment for classrooms and laboratories because they aim at providing students whith a more pleasant way to learn and to pursue a dream. On the other hand, it is hazardous for students to trip over or have an accident, especially students tht are in puberty, due to the enthusiasm and the lack of attention that they have.

      Taking all of this into consideration, safe space for schools has to be on our agenta because schools have to help students learn pleasantly, provided that students have an attractive and safe place to relax after the lesson.

                                                         Yours faithfully,
                                                               Varverakis Marinos


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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happy name day to 50% of the class with a wonderful song!

                                                          "Wonderful World"

Don't know much about history
Don't know much biology
Don't know much about a science book
Don't know much about the French I took

But I do know that I love you
And I know that if you love me, too
What a wonderful world this would be

Don't know much about geography
Don't know much trigonometry
Don't know much about algebra
Don't know what a slide rule is for

But I do know one and one is two
And if this one could be with you
What a wonderful world this would be

Now, I don't claim to be an A student
But I'm trying to be
For maybe by being an A student, baby
I can win your love for me

Don't know much about history
Don't know much biology
Don't know much about a science book
Don't know much about the French I took

But I do know that I love you
And I know that if you love me, too
What a wonderful world this would be

La ta ta ta ta ta ta (History)
Hmm-mm-mm (Biology)
La ta ta ta ta ta ta (Science book)
Hmm-mm-mm (French I took)

Yeah, but I do know that I love you
And I know that if you love me, too
What a wonderful world this would be