Thursday, June 29, 2017


I love sports especially basketball, football, volleyball and parkour. It is Summer now in Greece and i have all the free time to go out and play with my friends all these awesome sports. My favourite sport is parkour and one Summer i would like to go to Santorini where every year "Red bull art of motion" takes place. This is the official global competition of parkour. Every year the best athletes or freerunners go there and compete for the first place. It is my dream to go there, watch the event and talk to my favourite freerunners like; Yoann lerroux and Dimitris kyrsanidis or even parkour with them. I really want to go there one day and make my dream come true.

A warm hi from Andrew

Hello my online friends,

  I am writing in this fascinating forum to present my incredible family to all you hungry for information people.
Well, I am really excited to talk about this subject.First of all, I have been living in Heraklion for my whole life along with my parents and brother in a a house with two floors near the center . My mother is a teacher in a primary school and my father is retired air force officer and unfortunately I do not get to see George , my brother a lot because he just turned eighteen and he is almost to the army camps to serve his duty towards our proud but exhausted country which means that, he is rarely home .However , I feel delighted to have him with me whenever he is free. I also have a cute white dog Plouto , you see how I got influenced ;) Mickey mouse ... anyway that 's all for today.

See you  on the next upload pals , kissess :)) !!!!


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Family Presentation

I live with my mum and my little sibling who is called Paul.We stay in a cozy house in Heraklion centre. My father has been in Poland since 2013, so there are the three of us in my family.

My house is spacious. It has three bedrooms two bathrooms and a big living room. The one thing that I don't like in my home is the view. I would prefer to wake up and see the sea as a view. I like the area where I live but when I grow up, I would like to live in Thessaloniki because it has better colleges than Heraklion.

In conlusion, I like all my every day life with all the advantages and disadvantages!

My Family!

I really get along with my family.I live with my parents and my little sibling who is 10 years old.There are four of us in my family.We spend quality time together playing many games like basketball,board games and video games.I sometimes feel homesick when I am away from home and I can't stay one week away from my home.

Summer English Course

This summer I'm having English lesson.I'm really excited about that because I love the English language.I am having English lessons three times a week.However, the bad thing about the lessons is that they take place early in the morning.In conclusion, I like the English course in summer and I think that our English teachers are going to prepare some really interresting projects for us to do during the summer.