Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Haiku Poem

It is foggy now
The slow rain creates ripples
And upsets silence

Haiku Poem

Crystal water flows
Throughout the green valley
Ends up in the sea

Haiku Poem

The sea hits the rocks
The fish swim in the vast blue
 In sheer harmony

Haiku Poem

 The sky is so dark
The rain is pouring down hard
That means loneliness

Hybrid thinking!!

This is the second video I have ever seen on this site called ''TED''.In my opinion,the video I linked was an amazing video which can give you too many things to think.The man talking was explaining how our brain works and the evolution of our brains since the prehistoric times.In the end,he says something very exciting; he said that in about 10 or 20 years we will have nanobots in our brains so it will be much easier and much faster to think about something we want,for example we will be like Google,our brain will be able to find hundreds of results in only 3 seconds,can you imagine that?As he was closing,the scientist said that we will be thinking with 2 ways,the non-biological way which we will be thinking with the help of the nanobots and the biological way which we will be thinking with our brains,that is going to be very slow of course.I forgot to mention,the man also stated that if we put nanobots in our brains our forehead is going to be bigger and we will be able to expand our thinking without limits.

Advice from a firefighter


This video was about a firefighter and his first experience as a volunteer firefighter and his life lesson from it.  In my opinion, the best part of this video was when the volunteer explained a life lesson he got. This is: Do what you want the time you think about it. In this way, he reminds us that we are people and we need help from others and the other way round. His final message, in my words was: Actions speak louder than words.

A life lesson from a volunteer fireghter


This video was about a man  who had a life lesson from a voluntary job. It teaches us to be generous and helpful, both of which are simple qualities. Also he reminds people not to wait and take chances in their life.The small acts of kindness are the ones that  count.

Mark Bezos - A volunteer firefighter


This video is about a speech of a volunteer firefigher named Mark Bezos.
He explains his experiences of his first fire and encourages us to make a difference in everyday lives, be generous and help other people.
His speech is inspirational, in some places humorous and gives us food for thought.

Mark Bezos the Greek firefighter


Well,I liked this video and this site very much.Additionally,whatever he said appealed to me because he was thinking as I do and he was a bit funny,too.I recommend you to see this video because it is something remarkable for all of us to see.Finally,the whole video is a life lesson!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


 Dear Editor,

  I am writing this letter to demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a job based on how much money you will earn.
   First of all, if you choose work that appeals to you,but it does not earn you much money you could easily be something more than a mere employee because if you like what you do you do it with a lot more passion so the outcome is very pleasing. Moreover, when you are happy and positive about your job,the environment is nice,too.For example, if you smile all the time your colleagues will want to work with you.
  On the other side, when you are not pleased with what you are doing,you will not do it very well and in this way you might actually end up losing your job. Futhermore, being disatisfied with your job will lead to being anxious and getting angry easier.
     All in all, I firmly believe that people should choose a job that pleases them because in that way they will be happy and able to extend their carrier even further.
  Yours faithfully,

The best way to keep in touch with friends!

         Everyone has friends and communication between friends is a very important issue, because due to communication the relationships become stronger. But which is the best way to keep in touch with friends?
         In the first place, there are the new ways of communication such as texting, emailing and using the social networking sites. We are lucky nowadays, since technology gives us the opportunity to communicate with others really easily and fast.
         Apart from the new ways, there are also the traditional ways of communication such as talking face-to-face or talking through mobile phones. They may be ''oldfashioned'', but they are very reliable, since through them you can achieve a better level of communication.
         All in all, I believe that the best way to keep in touch with friends is talking face-to-face. This way you are able to see the other's expressions and understand how they feel.

Essay:Are teenagers capable to teach anything?

 Many people believe that teenagers are too young to teach other people about anything.However is that statement really true?I personally do not agree with it.

 First of all, teenagers usually know more about technology because they live with it from a very young age.Older people, many times face problems while trying to use a gadget or any type of technology.That results in teenagers being able to teach things about that to other people.Furthermore, they can also teach things about the environment because the latest years,  many things about it have changed and teens are given many information from their schools that wasn't known in the past or that older people might have forgotten.

 On the other hand, things teenagers can teach are not much.The main reason is that elders have generally more experience on multiple things, know more about life and can teach many things better, such as historical events, grammar and even life advice.

 To sum up, I disagree with this statement because I believe that even though teenagers are young, they can still have more knowledge about some things even if these are not a lot.