Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Dear Mayor,

  I read about the new plan to build a huge shopping mall on a site three miles outside Greenville and I'm writing to express my agreement.From my point of view,it would better to build the new mall.
  First of all,the new mall will bring money into the local community.There will be a lot of new shops and other facilities which will probably bring money.With that money we can improve our city.We can create huge parks, eco-friendly buildings and cultural facilities,like museums or libraries.Also,it would increase job positions and fight poverty by taking on new employees to work in the shops. Moreover,there the shops will have more sales than other traditional shops and residents will be able to buy the things they want at discount and spend less money. Last but not least, teenagers could hang out with their friends there and also could buy things to enjoy themselves or to eat in a café.
  On the other side of the coin, some citizens object to the opening of the new shopping mall,because this could mean the end of some local stores.In my opinion the owners of those shops in the city could transfer their shops into the new mall.It's a good idea but owners are obliged to pay the mall owner if they want to open a shop in there.This money will be worth spending.
  I think you will take my suggestions into account and discuss them with the city council.

Nick Koutentakis

Monday, November 21, 2016

Letter of opinion


 Dear Mayor,

        I am writing to express my opinion about the huge shopping mall. In my opinion , it is a great idea to build it , because many people can visit the mall and have fun.
            So, I agree with building a shopping mall , because people can spend hours having fun or going shopping . Moreover , people can go to the cinema with their children and have fun by watching a movie. But some people believe that this idea is not so good because some children may leave their studies and stay at the mall for all day , which will not happen if parents are careful.
           On the other hand , this shopping mall would be bad idea because of Greenville. Some people say that , at  the weekends they go to the centre of the town to do their shopping ,so they disagree  with shopping mall. However , I don't agree with them , because they can go for coffee or shopping at the department store, only at the weekends. On weekdays they can support the local shops.
           To sum up , I agree with building the shopping mall and people that are against this plan should think again , because it is great to have the first shopping mall near our town.

Yours faithfully, 
Nick Kokkinos 

Letter of opinion


Dear Mayor  
              I am writing to express my opposition to the council's plan. In my opinion the beach is a place for relaxation and people can go there at the weekends. But if you turn the beach , into a popular resort , it will not be so good for all of us.
             Fistly , I don't think that the beach needs to be developed because if there was a problem , then the local people wiil not go there to spend their weekends. Therefore ,it is not possible to develop the beach because families will not enjoy the sea for their excursions and picnics.
             Secondly , I don't think that the beach need to developed , so if you turn the beach into a luxury resort , then we could have problems about the environment. We will have cause polution. Moreover , we might cause overcrowding at the beach. 
             I hope you will take my suggestions into account, when deciding on this matter.
                        Nick kokkinos 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Letter of opinion

Dear Mayor,

   I am writing to express my opposition to bulding a huge shopping mall. In my opinion, the huge shopping mall shouldn't be built.
   There are a lot of advantages of not building a new shopping mall. First of all, Greenville won't be a crowded area if there is not a huge mall with thousands of people. Furthermore, the local residents will not lose their jobs, because if the local council builds a huge shopping mall, all the residents that work in this area will lose their shops. Also, if the local people buy from local shops, the mone that they give to shops will stay in Greenville. But, if the mall is built, all the money will go abroad to their owners.
   There are some other disadvantages of build a huge mall. Firstly, with a huge shpping mall in Greenville there will be made overcrowding and the residents will not be able to sleep at night. Secondly, more traffic will be in the streets and then all the people will be late for their jobs. Last but not least, this huge shopping mall could mean the end for small local stores.
   In conlusion, I disagree with the idea of building o huge shopping mall. I hope you take my suggestions into account.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Letter of opinion

Dear Editor,

   I have recently read about the exchange program for foreign students, and I am writing to suggest a place for their day trip. In my opinion, the best place in my area are Samaria gorge and Richtis gorge.
   First of all, Samaria gorge is located in the west of Crete. I thing this is a good place for your trip because you can cross the gorge and see the trees, flowers and the breathtaking background. If you decide to cross the gorge, it will be four hours of walking. In the middle of the gorge, students can stop to have a picnic and enjoy nature. At the end of the route, the trekkers will see Agia Roumeli village, where a taver, aperment and souvenir shops can be found.
   Another place is Richtis gorge, which is located in the south od Rethymno and in the west of Crete. In this place, visitors can walk into the gorge, which is 3 hours of walking and watch the fantastic waterfalls. The biggest waterfall is ten meters tall. At the end od the gorge, there is a wonderful beach with very clean water and fantastic waterlife with a lot of fishes.
    I hope that my advise will be taken into consideration when choosing a place for these students day trip.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How to form the passive voice


be  +  past participle

Be= στον χρόνο που θέλουμε

Past participle= την πράξη που θέλουμε

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The French Revolution

1) Watch this video: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/what-caused-the-french-revolution-tom-mullaney

2) Do the quiz in the "Think" section (next to the video).

3) Answer this question in a comment below:

What lessons can we apply from the French Revolution to present-day efforts to make society more equitable?


You can use this free online dictionary to help you: http://www.dictionary.com

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Saturday, November 5, 2016

General plan for a letter expressing your opinion

      ~~General plan for a letter expressing your opinion~~

Opening Paragraph 1:
Refer to the article and its subject.
State your opinion.

Paragraph 2:
Give your opinion about the proposed plan.

Paragraph 3:
Give more reasons and details, and make a suggestion.

Closing Paragraph 4:
Say you hope your suggestions will be considered.

Formal letter of opinion: Phrases

Opening : Par.1
  • I have recently read about...
  • I am writing to express my opposition to agreement with...
  • In my opinion,...

Par. 2-3
Expressing Agreement
  • I am in favor of...
  • It would be a good idea to...
  • I suggest that...
  • It would be better to...
Expressing Disagreement
  • I am against ...
  • I do not think that I...
  • It is not right to...
  • Instead of...I think 

Closing : Par. 4
  • I hope you will take my suggestions into account.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What is the best way for me to spend my free time

   In my life I have lots of hobbies and activities to spend my free time. Two of my favourite pastimes are definitely basketball and ganging out with my friends, but if I had to choose one, I think that I would prefer to relax with my mates and I have may reasons to support it.

   I live in a block of flats and as you understand, there are many kids that I can play with almost every afternoom. We are nearly ten friends, so there are always available children. The spot that we meet is the parking area. There we can play football or we can run. There are also, benches that we sit and discuss or we tell jokes.

   I love  spending my free time there, because we can do lots of things. We can play football or we can play cards. Also, we can go for a walk in our area. Furthermore, there is a lot of space to play tennis. There are so many activities for us to do. I have not lived more than two years in this block of flatsand my neighbours make me feel taht I belong with them. Moreover, this company is unique and I always have fun with them.

   To sum up, this is how I like spending my free time. I love being with my lovely neighbours and sharing secrets, because I can trust them. I just love these children; there are like my second family. 



This is how you get a mark when sitting the ECCE oral exams.