Sunday, October 20, 2013

E C C E - Speaking Test 3

Education/School/Future Education

1.I'm in the first year of senior hight school but this year in my view will be very difficult because the goverment change the education system and we must study more carefully.

2.Well, I like my school because of chating all day with my best friends.However, I would like it most if our teachers didn't give us so much homework to do.

3.I'm keen on school trips because we are all day with my classmates and we go to many wonderful places.Furthermore,I' m mad about volleyball and I want very much to take part in a team but I haven't got much lesure time.

4&5&6.My favourite subject at school is Imformation Technology.I'm intrested in it on the grounds that this subject will be vey useful in my whole life because as we know Internet is part of our routine.Although maths used to be my favourite subject in junior high school, now I don't like very much because we have a strict teacher that give us a lot of homework and shout us every day.

7&8&9. After my exams are over, I plan to relax for a while and then set out on a  trip with my family. I whould really like to visit Paris in order to go sightseeing and go shopping for souvenirs and of course very expensive clothes and shoes.When I graduate, I have the deap ambition to go to university in Rethymno as my dream is to become a maths teacher or an english teacher. Concerning education, I believe that it should be compulsory because you haven't future without knowledge.

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