Tuesday, October 8, 2013

ECCE- Speaking test Education/school/future education

1)I am first year of senior high school.I am going at the 3th senior high school.

2)I really like my school because we have very good teachers.Also,we have very clear toilets and clear schoolyard. Furthermore,we have good children.

3)In my school I would like playing volleyball and school trips but we aren't going every year.I want it very much.

4,5)My favourite school subject is chemistry.We are doing in this subjects a lot of thing. We talk about atoms and microorganism.I really like going to the laboratry and doing experiments.

6)I don't like mathimatics because it is very difficult.I think that it is horrible.

7)I dont't know exactly.I really want to go on vocations.I dont't know where but I would prefer go to the island.Also,I want to go to Matala for camping. Furthermore,I really want to relax this summer.

8)My plans are very difficult after finish senior high scgool.. I want to be a lawyer a very succesfull layer.I really like this job because I want to go to court very much.

9)I believe that education is very imporant for children because it teaches you a lot of new things for example :mathimatics,ancient Greek,chemistry e.t.c.I believe that it should be compulsory until high school.

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