Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Late-night laughter

Late-night laughter in a city street always made her nervous.Lucy was a 9-year-old girl living in a big city.Her parents were always working, (comma) so she had to stay at home alone all day.In the beginning, she liked being home alone, but when her parents had to work at night she didn't like the idea.

She begged her parents not to leave her alone at home at night because she was afraid of the dark,but her parents said that it was going to be OK and that there was nothing to be afraid of.The first days she was sleeping without any problems and nothing scared her because she had her windows closed.

However, she forgot to close the window and left it wide open one night, and as she was sleeping, she heard some creepy noises coming from outside.She was so afraid from that night, so she told her parents not to let her home alone again, (comma) but they answered that maybe it was happening in her dreams and that nothing was real.One night she heard those creepy noises again and decided to go and see what caused them.She saw from her window and it was a dog which was barking.That day she realised that she should never be afraid again.

A story

Even though the aromas of the little house were overwhelmingly wonderful,she still felt amazing.There were lots of people into the house and outside.

It all started,when Mary had her birthday!She was so sad because nobody wished her "Happy Birthday".She was feeling alone.Then she decided to go to the countryside and have a pic nic.She explored animals and planets.It was amazing but she felt alone again.Minutes later,she came across a friend who didn't wish her "Happy Birthday" and that made her sad.

Soon after,when she went at home,she couldn't believe that.She saw a very big sign that said "Happy Birthday Mary".All the house smelt wonderful!There were all her friends and relatives.The table in the house had different foods on it.

She felt fantastically happy!Finally,that day was incredible for her.


1. I don't really enjoy shopping, even though I sometimes go shopping for a video game or something else I am interested in such as a basketball ball.

2. When I go shopping I go to buy a basket ball, a video game or something to eat.

3. I don't tend to go shopping I go about twice or three times a month.

4. There is a supermarket, a bakery, a kiosk, a fast food and a butchery.

5. I usually get something to eat, a video game or something that has to do with sports.

6. I like plaisio and public, but nothing else.

Future plans/Ambitions/Jobs

1. In the furure I plan to go university and pass a class in order to find a apropreate job to me and make my parents proud.

2. In the furure I plan to go university and pass a class in order to find a apropreate job to me and make my parents proud.
 3.I prefer to do something that has to do with computers and electronic devices.

4.I would like to become a doctor although I never become.I like it because i feel better to help other people with their problems.

5. I believe that i will become better and better during the future.

Future plans / ambitions / jobs

1.I want to go to university and then to find a good job.

2.I want to be millionaire(so unusual!)but because I know I won't I want only to find a good and pleasant job.

3.+ 4.I want to do something among maths , phusic or chemistry.

5.I want to be successful in my job from the beginning because I want to take promotes quickly. 


1.  I enjoy shopping when I like the shops, but I don't go many times.

2.  When I go shopping I am going to clothe shops and to gadget shops.

3.  I don't go many times shopping. I am going 1 or 2 times a week.

4.  In my area there are clothe shops, super markets, mini markets, video lands, cafeterias and many others.

5.  When I go shopping I buy little gadgets, cases for my phone and clothes.\

6. No, I don't have any favorite store because I am going to many shops so I don't have any favorite store.

General Questions

1.Maybe because teenagers have many work to do so they dont have enough leisure time to keep fit.

2. Because they disagree in more things from boys.

3.Fast food is tastier so almost everyone eats  it.

4. It is disadvantage. Some kids feel lonely and sad if they dont have a brother or sister to spend time together and talk about their problems.

A story

The arrival of an alien at dinner was not something Jeffrey could figure out how to explain. He did not know how to behave to an alien so he was nervous.

He was at his grantparents' house because he had not one and they were dead by a mysterious desease.

The alien did not do anything since the time he appeared in front of him.Suddenly, the alien did a very quickly move and at one moment he was behind Jeffrey.The alien took a knife and twanged his neck.After that the man woke up in a very strange place . It was a place where were all white such as you could not realize where up or down is.

Then the alien appeared in front of him and tried to kill him but the last moment Jeffrey escaped and tried to injure the alien but the alien did not feel anything. Jeffrey asked for help because of his weakness.Suddenly he understood what his grantparents' desease was.He saw a poison in front of him.Finally, the alien went to kill him again.He screamed and that moment the alien disappeared and he was in the house he had been at first.The alien was killed by the scream because of his heightened hear ability and with him disappeared that strange place too. 

Future plans / ambitions / jobs

1,2.   My first plan for the future is to finish school with a good mark. Afterwords, is to go to a university and study piloting and when I finsh from the university I want to find a job and spend one or two years there and then to go to another airway on abroad

3.  In the future I want to be a successful pilot  in a big airline on abroad, but this job wants very good english.

4.  In my opinion I think that the profession that suits me best is the pilot because I like be up in the sky and sees the earth from abrove.

5.  I want to be successful gradually because I want to do it on my own and not to help me somebody and then to owe to hima favour, but if someone  like my father wants to help I won't say no.

Future plans/ ambitions/ jobs.

1. I am planning on finishing junior and then senior high school and write really good in my last exams so I can pass to a good university. I hope I learn everything I need there to be able to get the job I want, which is astronomer.

2. When I leave school I will go to the university and I will finish my certificate so I can become an astronomer.

3. Guess what.

4. I believe the profession that fits best on me is an astronomer, because I like it very much and if I study hard I can become really good at it. I also like maths, physics and chemisrty a lot and they are essential for becoming an astronomer.

5. I would like to make useful and helpful discoveries. I don't care if they're going to be in the beggining or ending of my career, I just want to make good use of my knowledge and help other people with it.


The younger students, with their whining and their unzipped jackets, were driving him crazy. The older students were very tiring as well. At the end of each day he was so exhausted he would fall on his bed and sleep for three hours. What could he do about this problem?

John was the newest teacher of the 15th primary school of  London. He had just graduated from university and he didn't know what to do with the children. He had never been with 6 year olds before and certainly never tryed to teach them before as well. The older ones may didn't do that much noise but they were much more difficult to control.

It was very difficult at first, but each day was getting even more tiring until he couln't do anything but to ask for help. He asked the headmaster to tell the children to stop making so much noise and start paying attention to the lesson. So he did. The headmaster went to the two classes and explained them that it was very hard for their teacher to make a lesson like that and that eeven if he did they wouldn't learn anything about it, which was has they were there for.

After the headmaster's speech the children stopped being so noisy and really started paying attention to the lesson. At least for some time. Two weeks had hardly past and it was like nothing happened to them. They started talking to each other again and stopped paying attention to the lesson once again. But one day he let a student try to say what he wanted to the others, but then he realised that it was so difficult that everybody stopped making noise until the end of the year.

Irritating people

   I like to irritate people so very, very much. From my childhood I like to irritate people and some people have chased me but they didn't catch me.

   I remember one time that I had irritated a young man and he was chasing me for 10 minutes, inside parks, on the roads... But I escaped him and he didn't catch me. The next day I met him accidentaly outside of a cefeteria and he chased me again... But this time he catch me and he tried to hit me but I dodge his punch and I esecaped from him but another young man few metres away from the guy catched me and I punched him. Then he called the police and I went to the police station.

  I stayed there for some hours. A policeman was asking me why I did this and I was responding that I like to irritate people. The guy said to send me to jail but the policeman said him that he can't because I haven't done something that can send me to jail.

  After one hour my mother came to pick up me and she said me that she will punish me if I do it again. But I will continue doing this thing because I like it.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A story

Listening to the weather report on the police radio, the family huddled around a candle in the dark house. A murderer has just escaped from prison, and the news said about this terrible event.The family heard a weird sound near the door. They shouted with fear about what could happen and the father took the machine gun to protect his family.As he got next to the door, he saw a  killer with a knife .

He tried to stop him, but as soon as he attacked him, the murderer sliced his neck  forcing him to fall back to his house.They started fighting in the living room and  the mother went with the kids to the first floor to protect them.

Near death the father tried to save to his other family, but luckily for them the mother had enough time to call the police.Cops tried to catch the killer and finally succeeded. After wards this terrible event, the killer returned to prison and the father had to stay in hospital until his injuries heal.

Eventually ,the family was  safe and sound.Luckily, there weren't any victims on this case and everything went as policemen planned.The killer was sentenced for his assault and stayed 5 more years in prison.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

E C C E - Speaking Test 3

Education/School/Future Education

1.I'm in the first year of senior hight school but this year in my view will be very difficult because the goverment change the education system and we must study more carefully.

2.Well, I like my school because of chating all day with my best friends.However, I would like it most if our teachers didn't give us so much homework to do.

3.I'm keen on school trips because we are all day with my classmates and we go to many wonderful places.Furthermore,I' m mad about volleyball and I want very much to take part in a team but I haven't got much lesure time.

4&5&6.My favourite subject at school is Imformation Technology.I'm intrested in it on the grounds that this subject will be vey useful in my whole life because as we know Internet is part of our routine.Although maths used to be my favourite subject in junior high school, now I don't like very much because we have a strict teacher that give us a lot of homework and shout us every day.

7&8&9. After my exams are over, I plan to relax for a while and then set out on a  trip with my family. I whould really like to visit Paris in order to go sightseeing and go shopping for souvenirs and of course very expensive clothes and shoes.When I graduate, I have the deap ambition to go to university in Rethymno as my dream is to become a maths teacher or an english teacher. Concerning education, I believe that it should be compulsory because you haven't future without knowledge.

E C C E Speaking Test 4

General Questions

1.Well,some young people do excercises every day  because they want to have a well-built body.But others don't do some activities because in my view like me they haven't much free time to care their bodies due of much homework.

2.In my opinion most of girls always fight about boys.However,boys don't fight because they are "senseless".

3.All the young people prefer junk food because these food is tastier than the home-made food.Futhermore the place that the food is served is more friendly and is prepared very quicly.

4.In my opinion,there are some advantages and disandantages to being an only child.First of all,the disandantage is that the boy or the girl hasn't got a brother or sister to play with.In adition,the benefit is that their parents purchase them whatever they want.However,gifts aren't so important as a sibling.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

E C C E speaking test General questions

1)I think that teenagers don't work out and keep fit because teenagers sitting on the computer and playing video games or sitting on the sofa and watching tv. Also, I think that prefer going to the cafe than going to the gym.

2)I believe that girls fight more than boys because girls have a good relationship between them than boys.I think that the girls are so sensitive than boys.So,If doing something between  girls have bigger problem than If doing something between boys, the problem isn't serious.

3)I think that teenagers eat loads of junk food because is more taste than the healthy food, Also,this food is prepared faster the the healthy food.

4)I think that there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages if you are an only child in the fimily.I believe that the parents buy and get what ever you want. Also, your parents are very relaxed with you but it isnt happent always.On the othe hand, there are a lot of disadvantages with these children.I think that become spoiled because they i maybe buying or doing something and if can not be  maybe they argue or angry with someone else.

E C C E - Speaking Test General Questions Answers

1.  I think that the reason that teenagers don't work out is that they are bored and they like to be in front of the PC. But there some teenagers going to the gym or somewhere else to keep fit.

2.  Girls fight more than boys because if boys fight they will fight very hard and they don't want it.

3.  Teenagers eat loads of junk food because they like it taste and the prefer it from going for a walk.

4.  An only child doesn't have a brother or sister to fight so they are more relaxed than the other children with sisters or brothers. But the disadvantage of being an only child is that they are alone and they don't have fun or somebody to play with, except their friends.


1. I believe because they don't want to or because they are bored and they don't care about being fit but only for their clothes and outer appearance.

2. I'm not sure but it's propably because they fight for stupid reasons or because they have more things to care and fight about that boys have.

3. my opinion is because they don't think much about how healthy the food is, but how tasty it is. It also is fast and easy to get.

4. There are several advantages and disadvantages on being an only child. Firstly, you can ask for anything you want which makes you happier but also may make your attitude bad. Even though you have anything you want you dont have a brother or sister to play or talk together about something bothering you or something you like doing.

ECCE- Speaking test - General questions

1.I don't think that teenagers don't work out but there are some who don't exercise and I don't know why. Maybe they don't have the needed money or time or maybe they aren't keen on training.

2.I don't think that all girls fight more than boys. I  think that they fight approximately the same but the girls who fight more than boys they do it because they want to distinguish oneself more than boys.

3.Teenagers generally haven't got eating problems and junk food is yummy food so they eat it .

4.The advantages of being an only child are that your parents will do more presents to you than if you aren't.
Also you haven't got siblings so you don't have to argue with them as usual.
The disavantages are that you haven't got a sibling to play with him/her or to pass your time and you often be bored.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

E.C.C.E- Speaking Test: Education/School/Future education

1.I'm in the first class of senior high school.

2.I like my school because it has a pleasant atmosphere and generally I have a great time there.

3.I would like extra scholl trips and I would like to do more sports too.

4.+ 5. I generally like subjects like maths, physik or chemistry because I am of the positive direction and my favorite subject is maths.

6.I don't like ancient greek or such subjects because they are boring for me.

7.+8.I'm planning to go to the university after the exams.

9.The education is very important and I believe that it should be compulsory but it is ok the level of  the compulsory education.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

ECCE- Speaking test Education/school/future education

1)I am first year of senior high school.I am going at the 3th senior high school.

2)I really like my school because we have very good teachers.Also,we have very clear toilets and clear schoolyard. Furthermore,we have good children.

3)In my school I would like playing volleyball and school trips but we aren't going every year.I want it very much.

4,5)My favourite school subject is chemistry.We are doing in this subjects a lot of thing. We talk about atoms and microorganism.I really like going to the laboratry and doing experiments.

6)I don't like mathimatics because it is very difficult.I think that it is horrible.

7)I dont't know exactly.I really want to go on vocations.I dont't know where but I would prefer go to the island.Also,I want to go to Matala for camping. Furthermore,I really want to relax this summer.

8)My plans are very difficult after finish senior high scgool.. I want to be a lawyer a very succesfull layer.I really like this job because I want to go to court very much.

9)I believe that education is very imporant for children because it teaches you a lot of new things for example :mathimatics,ancient Greek,chemistry e.t.c.I believe that it should be compulsory until high school.

E C C E -Speaking Test 2


1.I don't usually go out with my friends.Howover when we have much free time,we go to the Talos.We go there because there are many shops,cafes and restaurants.It is so great and we have a lot of fun!Futhermore we meet a lot of people and make new friends.

2.My family and and I usually eat at tavers at the weekends.We go at villages and find good taverns.For example we go very often at Latsida and we eat there because it has many traditional taverns where the food is so tasty.

3&4.Music is my life!I listen to different songs every day!When I am shy I prefer listening on Youtube relaxing and romantic songs.However,when I have a lot of energy and I am very happy,I usually hear loud songs.Futhermore, I haven't got a favourite singer but all these years my favourite song is " Because of you " by Kelly Clarkson.In adition to me,my best friend supose that the traditional songs represent Crete.

5&6.I prefer going to the movies because of many things.First of all,cinemas are mordener than theatres and every young goes there.Secondly,the sound at the cinemas are better than theaters because at the theater you can't hear the actors.Also,performances haven't much intresting things to see.My favourite actor is Mr Bean who is so funny and make every people laugh.

7&8.Whereas I don't go to the cinema,I see movies on TV.For example,yestreday I saw a romantic and funny movie which is called "The Ugly Truth".The main actors in this movie was Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler.

9&10.I'm keen on romantic movies.I don't know excactly why I  like these movies but when I see a movie in this type I always learn things about life and love.

General Questions

1.I don't know why teenagers don't work out  but I think that teenagers don't about their fitness but they care about their lessons.
2.I don't think that girls fight for serious reasons and they fight for different reasons that I can't understand.
3.I think that teenagers like fast food as all the children in the world because it's deliciopus.
4.There are a lot of advantages like have your own games and don't have to share things with others.Although a disadvantage is that you don't have company and have more fun than don't have brothers or sisters.

E.C.C.E- Speaking Test: Education/School/Future education

1.I'm in the first year of the senior high school.My school is 10 minutes far by foot form my house so I can go there easily.

2.Well, I like my school regarding the building and the facilities as we have many full-equiped classrooms, a big yard, 2 football pitches and one basketball court.But, regarding the lessons I think it's extreme to have all these hours a day and also I believe that waking up so early to go to school isn't a good idea.

3.I would like to go to more school trips especially educatives from which we can learn  different and important things.

4.I mostly like literature courses like History,Ancient Greek

E C C E - Speaking Test Education Answers

1.  I am in the first year of senior high school.

2.  No, because we have strict teachers, also we haven't very good children ( they are smoking ect.)

3.  In my school I like the school trips because we are going to play football at the LIDO Soccer, I like sitting at the benches with my friends and playing with ours mobile phones, also I like playing basketball.

4,5.  My favorite subject at school is Maths because I don't like the other subjects such as Ancient Greeks, History, Literature ect..

6. I don't like Literature because in my opinion isa terrible subject.

7.  If I don't pass I am planing to  study a lot to pass them at September. If I pass I am planing to do nothing, I want to relax.

8.  I am planing to study for a degree at piloting for 5 months and then to find a job at an airline.

9.  I think yes because now every job wants a degree at English and at School.


1. I'm in the 3rd year of the high school.

2. I like my school, because it has a lot of kind teachers and I really like maths, physics and chemistry very much.

3. I really like trips and walks once in a while, but what I like most is the 3 day trip we will go in the end of the year. Me and my friends are preparing for it from the 1st year of the high school.

4,5. The subjects I like best are maths, physics and chemistry. I like them a lot, because I want to become an astrophysist and I like learning about them.

6. I don't like ancient greek, because it is very dificult and I have to learn a lot of things. Lastly, because I will never use ancient greek.

7,8. After the exams are over I will relax a bit, but then I will start lessons for the proficiency.

9. Education is very important and I believe it should be compulsory, because without it we couldn't do anything.
Dear Sir/Madam,

     I am writing to apply for your next reality show 'International Student Big Brother' I saw advertised in the Internet.

     I have always wanted to be in a show like this.I have been watching the whole 'Big Brother' over the two years and I know  the atmosphere and what happens there.Moreover, I am informed about the behaviour that somebody there should have.

     I wanted to be famous for a lifetime, make friends and I love quizes. In addition,I believe that if I compete in the show I will meet new people and have fun with them.My English is perfect(I have Proficiency Certificate) so I can communicate with people  with that I am good.
     I think I would be a good person to compete in your show as I am good in a lot of aspects so, I would be grateful if you would consider me.You can contact me on 6943915217.

  I look forward to hearing from you.

  Yours faithfully ,

Monday, October 7, 2013



1)I usually go with my friends at down town.We often go at cafe but I prefer stay home with my friends and talk about different things.when I go to to the down town, we go to iridanos cafe. there are a lot of choise is.We go to Iridanos because it has very nice music.

2)Of caurse I go to the cinema and I see a lot of different kinds of films.The last time when I went to the cinema I saw a film called "The last song".It's a perfect  drama film.I don't like go to the theatre.I sometimes go to ther restaurant with my parents.

3)I listen to music evry day.I really like rock and alternative music.My favourite band is scorpions and my favourite singer is Eleonora Zouganeli. she sings alternative music.I really like her because has different style.My favourite song is "see you".

4)I prefer going to the cinema bause I believe that it is about our age. Also, I believe that when I am older I really prefer going to the theater and I don't like going to the cinema.

5)my favourite actors are Leonardo DiCaprio and Rachel McAdamas because because  both are handsome.Leonardo DiCaprio was handsome when he was plauing on the titanic not now.I really like them because. they are very good actors.

6)I have seen drama movies recently for example "The Notebook" or "The Last song"

7)I often go to see movies f.e one time a month or two times.

8)I really like the drama movies but I see adventure ans horror films.I really like those types of movies because there are suspense and terrors.

Formal letter

 Dear sir or Madam

I am writing to apply for a place in ''big brother" show. I saw advertised in the magazine

I would like to be in this show very much.
I want it very much I really like to meet new people, especially from different countries.Also, I like playing games.Furthermore , I am good to solving problems and I have good ideas.

I haven't a lot of exrerience but when I  was younger, with my friends playng quizz after school.I think that it is so important about our minds because I am not anxious or nervous when I playing a game.

I think that I can speak English very well.Sure, until start the show I will have learned to speak better because I go to English school.
I hope you get me.I would be greatfull if you would consider me.You can contact me on 6982586539.

I look forward to hearing from you

Your faithfully,

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Hello guys and welcome to your new blog! I have seen all your posts and I really like all your ideas and details you say about yourself, but I would like to ask you to be more careful when you type your answers. Try to avoid typing mistakes and it is also important to remember to express yourself clearly and correctly. Writing on the blog should not be done in a hurry. Take your time when providing an answer and always check before you publish the post.

Can you go back to your previous posts, spot all typing/ grammatical/ spelling mistakes and correct them by clicking on the 'edit' button?

That's all, folks! See you soon! :-)

Friday, October 4, 2013

A formal letter.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to apply for a place in the 'Bog Brother' show I saw advertised in a magazine.

I would really like to be in this show. I enjoy playing strategy games on the computer, mostly. I am also a big fan of maths,so I am keen on solving problems as well.

Another thing to take note is that I havea smaller brother and I am used to this type of situations, because we fight every day. Last but not least I can speak english very well.

I think I would be a good contestant for the show as I have all the qualities and qualifications needed. I would appreciate if you consider me. You can contact me on 6919 3232322.

I look forward to your decision.

Yours faithfully,

A formal letter

  Dear  Sir/Madam,

  I  am  writing  to  apply  for  a  place  in  Big  Brother  reality  show,  I  saw  advertised  in  a  magazine.

   I  would  like  to  be  in  this  show  because  I  am  very  keen  on  playing  games  and  solving  problems.  I  also  watch  a  lot  of  reality  shows  and  I  know  how  to  behave  in  there.

   I  have  always  wanted  to  be  in  a  reality  show.  I  solve  problems  since  2003  and  have  been  very  good,  I  am  also  playing  games  for  10  years  and  have  been  very  good  there,  too.  I  speak  English  very  good,  I  have  also  the  Lower.

   I  think  I  am  the  right  person  for  you  because  I  have  all  the  skills  and  qualities  you  need.  I  would  be  very  grateful  if  you  choose  me.  You  can  contact  me  on  6958452599.

   I  look  forward  to  hearing  from  you.

   Yours  faithfully,
   Kostas  Martimianakis

A Formal Letter

Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing to apply for a place in the next reality show "Big Brother" which I saw advertised in the magazine.

I am very excited about being in this reality show!
First of all,I am keen on these types of show.I watch the "Big Brother" every year.So I work out about what I must do during my living.Futhermore,I have been playing games and solving problems since I was five years old. I am very smart and fast so at the sector of games I will reach the first spot.

I have always wanted to be on "Big Brother".
Before two years ago,I went to a music competition and I performed in front of peple.I loved the audience and I won the second price.Also,I have passed the Lower and the previous summer I lived with a British woman so I renewed my English.I want over my living in the house of "Big Brother" to meet new people too.

I consider that I would be a good person for this reality show because of having all the right personal skills and qualities so it is my pleasure to hear that you choose me.You can contact me on 6911556644.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,
                  Maria Assarioti.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A formal letter

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to apply for a place in the Big Brother show I saw advertised in the magazine.

I would like to be in this show very much.I have been watching Big Brother for two or three years now , so I know what happens.I believe that I have gain the needed experience by reading reality TV magazines and I also have been in such a show once.

I have always had a great sence of humour.I do a lot of jokes to my friends and they do jokes to me too.Moreover , I am sociable and like being with people.

I think I would be a good person to select for the show as I have all the right personal skills and qualities so I would be gratefull if you would consider me.You can contact me on09182 736455.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Faithfully,
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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


1.In my free time I usually play football and listen music.Also I play computer games and I often go for a walk with my friends.
2.First of all at weekends I really want to go a  trip with my family In crete but espesially in my vIllage.There I go cycling with my friends to the square and then I go to eat something in fast food restaurant or a pizza restaurant. Secondly at weekends I like going to the cinema and watching the most recent movies.
3.I have a lot of hobbies but my favourite hobby is playing football because I have started playing since 8 years.Also I really like playing computer games,espesially sports games
4.I don't have a favourite singer because I like bands.I really like onirama.
5.I like watching movies to the cinema because I like the loud sound and the big screen.
6.I don't have a favourite actor, but I like comedy actors who are so funny
7.Ihave seen Iroman 3 and I was very excited about the action scenes.
8.I go to the cinema twice a month so I watch movies very often
9.I like action movies with special effects and in a 3d scene.
10.I like action movies because  they have a lot adrenalline and  and intersest.


1.In my free time i sometimes go with my friends and we play basketball at school. On Saturdays we sometimes go out and eat fast food and drink a fizzy drink. When I stay home I play with my computer or with my playstation3. I rarely watch some videos on youtube as well.

2. I usually go out with my friends in the afternoon and we eat fast food. I also tent to play computer games in my home or watch some videos on youtube. I rarely go cycling or basketball with my friends.

3.I don't have any special hobbys. I like playng basterball and I also like go cycling.

4. I am involved in a basterball team where I go 3 times a week and train.

5.There are a lot of places I spend my free time. First, I go to my school to play basketball. I also play computer games in my house. Another place i tend to go is the mall with my friends and we eat fast food.

6. Need to ask? NOOOOOOOOOOOO

7. I don't usually read books, but when I do I like adventure books, such as Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.I have also read A Nerd's Diary 1,2,3,4 and 5 and I found them very funny. Last but not least I read astronomy books because I like Astronomy.

8. I enjoy books either because they are funny either because ther entertain me such as Hobbit. I also like the astronomy books because I want to be an Astronomer.

9. I have only been abroad once before 5-6 years when I went to Disneyland where I had a lot of fun. It was very exciting!

10. I would also like to go to a lot of places in USA, but another place I'd like to go is London. I think it would be really nice to see the London eye and the observatory of Grinouits(don't know how it's spelled...).

11.  I mostly enjoy the ship, but in long distances I prefer the plane, because it goes faster and I reach my destination in 1 day instead of 1 week or so.

12. I go to beaches and swim with my parents, when we can. Otherwise, I play computer games or go to play basketball with my friends. I also go out with my friends in the nights if there is a good movie to see.

13. I am not planning going anywhere this summer.

14. For me the best holiday destination would be Italy, because there are beautiful cities and very good weather there.

15. I have been to all Crete and have seen Balos. Gaidouronisi and many more beautiful beaches.I have also been to Disneyland and had a lot of fun there as well.


1.In my free time I usually play football with my friends from my neighbourhood at the football pitch.But sometimes when I want to relax I watch TV or listen to my favourite singer Pitbull.

2.I rarely have free time at weekdays and weekends because of my obligations, but when I do, I go for a walk at the center of Irakleio and have fun with my friends.

3.My hobby is football. I play everyday with my brother and I'm in a team called POA. I go everyday in the afternoon and spend there 2 hours. I'ts kind of tiring because our coach expects a lot from us so we do a hard training.

5.In my free time I go to a cafe called NEWS with my friends and drink coffee.Another place i usually go, is the football field near my house where we play football.

6. Of course not!It's boring!-_-

9.I go to Albania every summer because there they live my cousins and my grandparents. Also i have been to F.Y.R.O.M for holiday.

10. If I had to choose, I would like to go to Spain and especially to Barcelona in order to see the views there and watch my favourite football team Barcelona.

11. I think that travelling by car is the best way to transport because you can stop whenever and wherever you like and also if you are tired you can sleep.

ECCE speaking test Entertainment

1.I usually go to a place we use for playing football or basketball or to a coffee shop or simply we go walks without special place to go with my friends.

3.My friends like to listen rap or hip hop music , I like to listen these types of music and pop , r n b music.

4.My favorite singer is snoop dogg because he sings good songs.

5.I prefer going to the cinema because the sound is better than at the theatre and the image too and to the cinema usually has better movies for me than at the theatre.

6.My favorite actor is Stallone because I like his acting and his movies.

7.I have seen the movie Abduction recently.In this movie I like the script , the sceneries and the acting in this movie .

8.I don't see movie often , in fact I see a new movie for average every year.

9.I like action movies , adventure movies and fantasy , science fiction movies. I don't have a special reason I just like to watch these types of movies.


ECCE Speaking: Stage 1: Answers

1. In my spare time I usally go for a walk with my friends. If they can't I play computer and playstation on my own or with my cousins.Also, I am keen on playing with my other cousins that they are 3 years old.

2. I usually spend my weekends by playing tennis with my friends, but I also doing my homework for the school and for the English school.

3. My hobby is the same with the sport because I play tennis, I have won some medals on single and double. I'm exercise every Saturday with my trainer but I play with my friends everytime we can.

4. I'm involved in tennis lessons every Saturday.

5. In my free time i can go to the cinema or to drink something in a cafeteria with my friends.

6. No, I don't like reading.

7. I don't like reading I don't have any special kind of book that I like.

8. I don'y like reading so I don't enjoy books.

9. Yes, I've been to London and Cyprus, with my godparents, my godmother is half from London and half from Cyprus so we get together there.

10. I would like to to Dubai of UAE because my godparents live there and I want to visit them.

11. I like to travel with the airplane because I like it very much, it is very fast and I go to the cockpit, it is fantastic!

12. We go to our house in Kokkini  Chani which is 20m from the sea. I go cycling with my cousins and we play various games.

13. We haven't plan anything yet.

14. My favorite holiday destination is Las Vegas of Nevada because there it has a lot of casinos, very good kitchen and entertainment, that's why Las Vegas is called "The capital of entertainment of the world".

15. My favorite trip so far was in London, we lived to the house of my godmother and we went to Big Ben, Harrods, to the Underground, to the London Eye, to the Buckingham Palace, to the Chinatown and we saw all the sights of London.

ECCE speaking test Leisure time

1. In my spare time I play computer games such as LOL or PES . Another activity I do is listening to music . My favorite kinds of music are hip hop , rap , pop , r n b . At the end in my free time I like reading books.

2.I spend my weekdays going to school and to my english lessons . Also I do my homework , I play some computer and I go walks with my friends.

3.My hobbies are 2 . Firstly , I like to be in my computer and secondly I read books . Now , for sports , I like playing football .

4.I'm not involved in any sport but I like football .

5.In my free time I can go to my neighborhoud with 2 of my friends or to go for a walk with my other friends.

7. I like to read science fiction , fantasy , mystery or thriller books .

8.I enjoy reading books because I like reading about the topics which are intresting for me.

9.No, I have never been abroad.

10.If I could , I would like to go in Brazil because in Brazil exists very good football players and it has very beautiful scenery.

11. I don't have a prefer on which vehikle will I use yo go somewhere but where will I go.

12.I read books that aren't school books , I play the computer games I said in question 1 , I go swimming and I go with my friends for a walk or to play something.

13.In the summer I'm going to stay home and to go at the weekends at a beach to do a bath , nothing more.

14.The answer is at question 10.

15.I have only been at greek locations for holiday so the things I saw where almost the same to here in Kreta.

E C C E - Speaking Test

Leisure (free) time / hobbies / sports / vacation

1.In my spare time I always listen to music!Music usually relax me when I am nervous or shy.Also,if the weather is sunny, I call my best friends and go for a walk or go to Eiffel to dring coffe.

2.At the weekends we often go to Malia. It is very great because I chat with my sister and talk generally about boys all day.As well if we have a lot of energy we go to a tennis court and play.Futhermore,on Sundays my father makes barbecue and my mum,my sister and I chat and laugh all day.At weekdays in the morning I go to shcool,at noon I eat lunch and then I read till the evening.If I  finish my homework I listen to music.BORING days!

3.My favourite hobby is to volleyball but I'm keen on others hobbies like riding my bike, playing tennis,painingt my nails,making my hair etc.

4.I'm not involved in any sports but if I had more free time,I would like to take part in a volleyball team to exercise and make more friends.

5.In my neibourhud there are many places where I can go in my free time.There are seven cafes where I can go with my friends but I haven't much spare time to go!

6 & 7 & 8.I don't like espesially to read.However reading is very useful because if you read,you learn new words and this helps you at essays.If I was mad about reading,I would choose romantic books because I'm keen on love stories.

9 & 10.I didn't have the chance to be abroad unfortunately.Nevertheless if I could go abroad,I would like to be in Spain because it is my favourite country after Grecce!

11.When we go on vacation,we like to travel with a ship.I prefer it because I think it is safer than an airplane and I choose to see the sea than the birds!

12.In the summer we are at Malia but there I haven't got any friends unhappily!So I don't do spesial things.I usually go with my mother to the beach and when I am at home I play different games in  my phone.

13.This summer we are planing to go on an island because we have never been on it.Mostly I want to go on an island to see  beaches and boys.

14 & 15.In my point of view the best holiday destination is Thessaloniki where we went two years ago.We went everywhere and we saw everything!For example the white castle, the castle of OTE.Also we went to many ancient places!So we enjoied our travel!
                                            Leisure time/hobbies/sports/vocations.

1) In my free time I do a lot of things.Firstly,I usually play volleball, I play  with my friends in a team which called 'Athlesi'.I really like it because it is very popular sport.Secondly,I am keen on listening to music and of course I always sing in my bathroom and generaly in my home.I prefer rock music.

2)I really like to read literary books because I think that these books give you a lot of experience about our lives.I like to read romantic books  especially based in a truth story.I really enjoy read books but when I finish the book I think that wasted time. I don't know why but I think it.

3)My weekdays I think that it is so boring but my weekends is perfect.My weekdays: Monday to friday I wake up early and then I go to school.I go to school with my feet. I start at 8 o'clock in the morning and finish at 2:10.In the afternoon I  have lessons. I go to the English lesson two times a week and I go to training in the volley ball team four times a week.My weekends is the same evry time but it isn't boring.On suturday morning I wake up one o'clock then I do my homework. I go to the down town with my friends and go to the cafe. On sunday I do my homework for the English.In the afternoon I go or eifel cafe next to my house or kritiko bakery next to my house.

4)There are o lot of places where I can go in my free time.I go to the galeto or kritikos  bakery or eifel. I prefer go to the kritikos bakery baucause there are going my friends at school.

5)I have esecial sport not hooby.I have been  playing  volleyball since 12 years old.I play with my friends in a team which called 'athlesi'.I really like it because ia a team sport ans has a lot of stress.

6)I've never been aboard but I want it very much.iI sometimes surf the ne and find pictures with attraction other countries.In the summer I prefer to go to islands than abroad.

7)If I could I would like to go in Russia. in the summer I went to the hotel with  Russian. I met a lot and I want to see them again.

8)When I go on a vocation  I  travel by ship I think tha it is more availiable and economic.

9)In the summer I have training in the beach volley.I am  on the beach all day but when I cant go on the beach I go to the down town or meet with my friends or mu home or my friends home.

10) I have no plans for this summer yet but I believe it will be about the same as the privious. I really want to go  aboard. I would like to go to  Paris.I really want this, because paris is one  of the most beautiful places,and there are many things to there.

11)In my opinion, the best destination is Matala.Last year was my first time there.Matala is a very beautiful place and it has a very clear sea.I  enjoyed so much because we were sleeping ,me my sister and my friend  lida,in a tent.There are a lot of things to do such as playing volleyball,swimming and singing with the hippies.

12)Last year,we went with our school in Athens.We visited some are arceological places,such as acropolis, the theatre of epidavrous and parthenonasWe went to the mall for the shopping and went to  allou fan park.Its amazing.I want to remember this travel.Its so mportant for me because this was the first trip with my friends.