Tuesday, September 30, 2014


"Recall of the Past"

    Alan knew it was time to get up, but he wished that he didn't have to. The alarm clock was shaking maiacally while making an ear-splitting sound. However, Alan was completely soaked up by his thoughts that his surroundings didn't affect him.It had been a year since his daughter and wife's violent deathand despite the time, he would never get used to their sudden loss.The phone rang. It was his boss calling, so he couldn't ignore the call despite his desire to do so.

"Emergency calling Alan! I know you have a hard time joining us today, but it's necessary! Meet us at 10 Queens Road! Arson alarm!"

Alan didn't say a word. He just put his phone down and started getting dressed.

    Some minutes later he was at 10 Queens Road - as his boss har ordered - waiting to storm into the building where a pyromaniac with 10 imprisoned innocent citizent had been spotted. As soon as he recognised the preassinged signals, he stormed confident into the building. In front of th cramped entrance there were various piles of papers surrounded by huge ethanol bottles. 10 people were tied in the middle of the room while a muscular man was mysteriously smiling.

    All of a sudden, Alan remembered that the remarkable man's smile was the cause of his smile loss, since he was the killer of his family. He understood it was a trap and tried to escape from the flaming building. However, it was too late. The serial killer shot Alan's leg and as a result he fell down screaming. The last thing he saw was a match slowly fallinf down and gradually  touching the floor. That was the last thing he saw before he finally woke up to drive his daughter to school...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Surprise: Film Night!

On Tuesday 8th September (although the next morning we were writing a Cambridge test), we all decided to pay a visit at the movies, as we get on very well with each other. We were actually faced with a dilemma about which movie to see. After a lot of thinking, we reached a decision. Eva had already seen the first option, which was "Step up 5, All in",  so there was only one left, that is "Lucy".  


What if a human could use 100%  of  the cerebral capacity? This is basically the main query and point of the film. Lucy,  accidentally caught in a dark deal, turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic. After she discovers that a powerful drug, called CPH4 has been sewn into her abdomen, she immediately contacts a well-know scientist, who can help her out. Gradually, after many things have happened (I won't reveal anything!), she shapes a next generation supercomputer, which will contain all of her enhanced knowledge of the universe. She then begins a space time journey into the past, eventually reaching the oldest discovered ancestor of mankind, implied to be Lucy. Professor Norman, takes a black flash drive offered by the supercomputer that Lucy made by her body, before the machine turns into dust. Before that, Lucy had reached 100% of her cerebral capacity and disappeared within the space time continuum. Finally, Lucy (who is implied to be everywhere), is heard stating: "Life was given to us a billion years ago. Now you know what you can do with it."

By seeing Lucy, we spent quality time together and I hope to do it again! We also practised our English.  I can highly recommend this particular film, because it raises questions about life and time! On balance, I believe it was worth staying up until 11 o'clock. 

                                                 Commemorative photograph:

Informal Email

Dear Patrick, 

It was great to hear from you. I had a fantastic time at your party, too. I'm writing to answer your questions.

Firstly, you asked me whether to buy a TV or a laptop. I suggest you buy a laptop. In my opinion, it is more useful and necessary than a TV, which already exists in your house. By buying a portable PC with wireless connection, not only will you be able to keep in touch with your friends, but you're also going to be entertained. Lastly, you can back up your assignments.

Well, you should visit a computer superstore, such as "Public", if you want to be satisfied with your buy. If I were you, I'd visit specific websites, or I'd go to different shops to gather information. Better safe than sorry! 

Unfortunately, I'm not free on Friday, because I have a doctor's appointment. Is Saturday convenient for you?

Write back soon and take care.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Activity 1
               I completed the online quiz and I am fascinated because of  my memory as I scored 27 out of 30.

Activity 2


                             1) He saw the bus in front of him and decided to hold the horses.( He slowed down)

                             2) Putting all the parts of this puzzle together might take a while. ( Take a lot of time)

                             3) Tom and Marry had so many fights that they decided to break up, so Tom drowned his sorrows by consuming alcohol. ( Handle his problem).

                             4) My maths teacher always says: " There is more to Maths than meets the eye" ( It is more interesting than what I believe)

                             5) After he gave the money to the poor he said: " It was for a worthy case and I don't regret it."

                              6) You have a lot going on in this weekend! ( You are very busy)

                              7) The manager found out how to deal with the problem by exclaiming " I figured it out!"

                              8)  My brother has been working on his writing skills since last summer.

                              9) I held the table tight while I was shocked by the earthquake.

                            10) When she saw that everything was fine, she breathed a sign of relief and she said: " Oh! Goodness!"

                            11) I will go to the cinema tonight. Care to join me?

                            12) When Tom goes to bed, his mother always says: "Sleep tight! Don't let the bedbugs bite."

                            13) Don't be a nut job!  

Listen, listen, listen!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Personal Questions

Topics to focus on:

To begin with, I do watch films very often. I guess that's because I don't watch much TV. I usually go to the cinema, because the big screen is not in existence in my bedroom. Apart from that, having access to the Internet has helped me download films and watch them whenever I want. I don't have a favourite type of film, but if the plot is interesting, I can't wait to see it! 


Well, music is an irresistible charm for me.  It is part of my daily life (for example, I listen to music when I walk down the street, or while I'm studying) and it is necessary for me, as it eliminates my anxiety. My favourite sorts are trance, electro and generally dance music. The rhythm is either relaxing, or energetic and as there no lyrics to make it tiring. 

Free time activities:

To be honest, I don't have much free time, because I'm always busy with my handouts. But when I want to switch off , I'd rather spend quality time with my friends. We prefer to walk down town, go shopping and then hang out in a cafeteria. Apart from that, I am fond of reading books; both English and Greek. Reading provides me useful information and especially when historical events are being mentioned.  Moreover, as I have already mentioned, I like listening to music and going to the cinema. I also like playing volleyball and I am a leader of a team (called O.F.I.). 


First and foremost, by mastering English my horizons are broadened, as I obtain inevitable knowledge. Then, it affects positively the way I behave and think and that's why I enjoy studying it. To continue, I definitely believe that it will be useful for me in the future; firstly because I want to become a teacher of English and live abroad and secondly because I want to travel a lot. Not only is English a means of communication, but it is also an important qualification. Taking all these into consideration, the invasion of English in my life is very important. 

About me

Let's talk about...

I really enjoy listening to music because it relaxes me and gives me energy. I usually listen to pop music. If I like a song I find the lyrics and then I sing karaoke. Sometimes I read the review of this song but not very often because I don't care so much what the other people say. When I come back from school I sometimes listen to music because, as I said before, is relaxing. As for my favourite Greek group, I like Vegas.

Watching films is my favourite activity. I am really keen on adventure and fantasy films. I usually go to the cinema at weekends with my best friend and we have a great time. Also, I rent DVDs and watch them at home.

Free time
In my free time I usually watch TV,playing computer games,listening to music or read a book. In school periods I don't have so much free time because I have a lot of homework but I usually read a small book or watch a movie. At weekends I usually hang out with my friends. Moreover, I do active things such as dancing or jogging.

English is the global language and I obtain valuable information from it. It will be useful if I travel to another country and I want to communitate with other people or set up my own business. An English certificate is an important qualification, too.