Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The best way to spend my free time

There could be many preferred ways for someone to spend his free time and they differ from person to person depending on the person's character,plans for the future,age and his mood.I usualy spend my spare time in many different ways depending on the situation, but which one of them is my best?

My best way to spend my free time is to be with friends or alone and play computer games or try to understand and use computer programmes.I usually have just a little free time after 9 o' clock, so I can't do something extreme or a sport.Also, computer games and programmes have helped me enrich my English vocabulary because sometimes I have to look up words I don't already know when they are important in order to understand the meaning of something.Moreover, I am very interested in using and making programmes and games, so this helps me understand how these things work.

In conclusion,the best way for me to spend my spare time is using computer programmes (new software) and playing computer games because it is the most suitable thing to do considering my character,preferences and my available free time.


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