Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Irritating people

   I like to irritate people so very, very much. From my childhood I like to irritate people and some people have chased me but they didn't catch me.

   I remember one time that I had irritated a young man and he was chasing me for 10 minutes, inside parks, on the roads... But I escaped him and he didn't catch me. The next day I met him accidentaly outside of a cefeteria and he chased me again... But this time he catch me and he tried to hit me but I dodge his punch and I esecaped from him but another young man few metres away from the guy catched me and I punched him. Then he called the police and I went to the police station.

  I stayed there for some hours. A policeman was asking me why I did this and I was responding that I like to irritate people. The guy said to send me to jail but the policeman said him that he can't because I haven't done something that can send me to jail.

  After one hour my mother came to pick up me and she said me that she will punish me if I do it again. But I will continue doing this thing because I like it.

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