Tuesday, October 15, 2013

E C C E speaking test General questions

1)I think that teenagers don't work out and keep fit because teenagers sitting on the computer and playing video games or sitting on the sofa and watching tv. Also, I think that prefer going to the cafe than going to the gym.

2)I believe that girls fight more than boys because girls have a good relationship between them than boys.I think that the girls are so sensitive than boys.So,If doing something between  girls have bigger problem than If doing something between boys, the problem isn't serious.

3)I think that teenagers eat loads of junk food because is more taste than the healthy food, Also,this food is prepared faster the the healthy food.

4)I think that there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages if you are an only child in the fimily.I believe that the parents buy and get what ever you want. Also, your parents are very relaxed with you but it isnt happent always.On the othe hand, there are a lot of disadvantages with these children.I think that become spoiled because they i maybe buying or doing something and if can not be  maybe they argue or angry with someone else.

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