Monday, September 8, 2014

About me

Let's talk about...

I really enjoy listening to music because it relaxes me and gives me energy. I usually listen to pop music. If I like a song I find the lyrics and then I sing karaoke. Sometimes I read the review of this song but not very often because I don't care so much what the other people say. When I come back from school I sometimes listen to music because, as I said before, is relaxing. As for my favourite Greek group, I like Vegas.

Watching films is my favourite activity. I am really keen on adventure and fantasy films. I usually go to the cinema at weekends with my best friend and we have a great time. Also, I rent DVDs and watch them at home.

Free time
In my free time I usually watch TV,playing computer games,listening to music or read a book. In school periods I don't have so much free time because I have a lot of homework but I usually read a small book or watch a movie. At weekends I usually hang out with my friends. Moreover, I do active things such as dancing or jogging.

English is the global language and I obtain valuable information from it. It will be useful if I travel to another country and I want to communitate with other people or set up my own business. An English certificate is an important qualification, too.


  1. I really like the things you like Evaki!! Well done for your amazing blogging effort!