Tuesday, August 5, 2014

An extreme sport!


   What's the funniest, craziest and ( I nearly forgot)... the "easiest" sport you can think of? Do you believe that there is a sport that players are bounce on a trampoline to strike the ball and to pass it over a net? In fact, this sport exists and it is called bossaball. It began in Spain by Belgian Filip Eyckmans.

 In this sport, the player has to pass the ball by using any body part in order to score by landing the ball in the opposing team's court.
     This sport requires a lot of training! Due to the fact that during you do acrobatics, quite often you might get seriously injured for instunce to fall down and to get bruised! On the other hand, it is an absolutely interesting, funny and spectacular sport.
      To sum up, I really believe that bossaball will get more popular. However, I wouldn't like to try it but I really recommend it you if you are an adrenaline junkie because there is more in this sport than meets the eye!  

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  1. Wooohoooo, our next challenge! Let's see who is going to be the real boss of this crazy ball! (The girls' team I suppose, Marinos?) :-)

  2. We are going to try this all together. The boys team VS the girls team(of course the girls team is going to win).

  3. Haha, great idea!!! Marinos, are you listening???