Monday, August 25, 2014

Despicable Me 2!

Activity 1:  I completed the online quiz and I scored 29 out of 30! I guess it's a good score, so I'm satisfied with my memory.

Activity 2:
Here are the definitions of the idioms:
  •  Hold the horses!(or Hold your horses) = hold on, wait
  • Take a while = spend a lot of time doing sth
  • Drown my sorrows =to handle your problems by consuming a substantial quantity of alcohol
  • More to us than meets the eyes = more interesting or complicated than sm or sth appears at first
  • For a worthy cause = for sth that is important (like a charity)
  • Have a lot going on = be busy
  • Figure it out = work out 
  • Working on = trying to improve
  • Hold tight = clasp, grip 
  • Oh! Goodness! = we use that phrase when we can't stand a situation 
  • Care to join me? = Would you like to come with me?
  • Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite. = Sleep well
  • A nut job = a crazy and foolish person 
  • Go about your business = to continue doing what you usually do
  1. I quarelled with my best friend and I want to apologise to her, but I haven't found the best way, yet. I've been trying to figure it out  for the last 2 weeks.
  1. While my family were having lunch, I was working out a very difficult math problem. I had already told them that it might take a while, so I didn't care to join them.
  1. When I grow up, I would like to raise money for a worthy cause. That is, I would like to raise it for charity. 

Activity 3:  The funniest scene:

To begin with, "Despicable Me 2" was a hilarious animation film! As a comedy, it has many funny scenes from which I cannot choose (I'm definitely indecisive!).  Of course the Minions take pride of place in the film and the scenes, where they appear, become even more splendid. I can't imagine the film without them! Apart from that, the Minions have become so popular that a game has been invented, called The Minion Rush. So I believe all the Minions scenes are my favourites, because I believe they're kind of friends to me! 

By the way, here's a video of all their scenes in the film:

To be honest, I have another favourite funny scene and it's Antonio's (El Macho's son) and Margo's (one of Gru's daughters and actually the oldest one) dance. While the two tender aged individuals are dancing, Gru decides to watch after his daughter, as he doesn't really like Antonio. Well, even in animation films, father's habits never stop to exist! Gru is basically a classical father in that scene!

I hope you enjoy the videos! 


  1. Wow, what an excellent description of the scenes and use of vocabulary! Well done Marinaki, you are an amazing blogger and speaker of English, indeed! One tiny comment, though, that will surely help the rest of the bloggers, too: 'Care to join me?' is an idiom as it is, without any changes. e.g. I am going to the cinema. Care to join me? It is usually a question, too. Adding 'would' is also acceptable here.

    Another example: (Would you) care to join us?
    Do you want to join us? Tom and Mary saw Fred and Sally sitting at another table in the restaurant. Tom went over to them and said, "Would you care to join us?" Mary: Isn't that Bill and Sue over there? John: Yes, it is. Shall I ask them to join us? Mary: Why not? John (after reaching the other table): Hi, you guys! Care to join us? Bill: Love to, but Sue's mom is going to be along any minute. Thanks anyway.

  2. Your quiz score was impressive, too, Marinaki!!!

  3. Thank you for the explanation Miss Christina! As for the quiz I didn't struggle at all, because I have seen this particular film a couple of times!! :D But I have to admit that I enjoyed it more with all of you!