Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Describing And Contrasting Pictures

In the following text are going to be described and contrasted those 5 photos that are included in the link; http://markaki-students.blogspot.gr/2010/07/describing-places-fce-speaking-part-2.html 

Picture 1 is showing a picturesque path in a argicultural, mountainous aera. (in Giouchtas mountain in Crete as we are informed by the caption) The weather is cloudy and maybe a little bit foggy. The background has a lush vegetation and generally the aera is particularly stony. Moreover Picture 2 is quite related with the previous Picture due to the fact that is showing the view of the mountain Giouchtas. The scenery is breath-taking and immensely spectacular as we can see the whole valley down of the mountain and we can enjoy - a little bit blurrily due to the high altitude - its variety of vagatation. On the other hand, Picture 3 is completely different to the previous ones since it shows a quiet costal aera, and more specificaly Heraklion's port. We are able to see the calm clean sea and some boats and yachts that surrounds the castle "Koule". The scenery remind us again the picturesque aspect of Heraklion. In contrast, the following pictures are completely different, since they both show aeras that are located in Barchelona, Spain. However, the first picture is refered to an urban Barchelona's aera with many people who surround huge building which could be a company or maybe a shopping mall. In addition, in the bottom right-hand corner there are some trees and a fountain. Generally, a pleasant environment occurs. Furthermore, the last picture shows Park Duell, a world famous park due to its innovative, creative architecture. In the foreground there are some tourists who are taking photographs while they are enjoying the view whereas in the top right-hand corner there is a variety of stange colourful buildings. To sum up, apart from picture 1 and two that are refered to the same place and maybe picture 4 and 5, each pictures shows something different but undoubtedly beautiful.

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