Saturday, September 20, 2014


Activity 1
               I completed the online quiz and I am fascinated because of  my memory as I scored 27 out of 30.

Activity 2


                             1) He saw the bus in front of him and decided to hold the horses.( He slowed down)

                             2) Putting all the parts of this puzzle together might take a while. ( Take a lot of time)

                             3) Tom and Marry had so many fights that they decided to break up, so Tom drowned his sorrows by consuming alcohol. ( Handle his problem).

                             4) My maths teacher always says: " There is more to Maths than meets the eye" ( It is more interesting than what I believe)

                             5) After he gave the money to the poor he said: " It was for a worthy case and I don't regret it."

                              6) You have a lot going on in this weekend! ( You are very busy)

                              7) The manager found out how to deal with the problem by exclaiming " I figured it out!"

                              8)  My brother has been working on his writing skills since last summer.

                              9) I held the table tight while I was shocked by the earthquake.

                            10) When she saw that everything was fine, she breathed a sign of relief and she said: " Oh! Goodness!"

                            11) I will go to the cinema tonight. Care to join me?

                            12) When Tom goes to bed, his mother always says: "Sleep tight! Don't let the bedbugs bite."

                            13) Don't be a nut job!  

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  1. I am fascinated too 'because of your memory'!!! This is why I published the post myself, hehe! Good job, Marinos- take a look at a few things that I've changed.