Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What is the best way for me to spend my free time

   In my life I have lots of hobbies and activities to spend my free time. Two of my favourite pastimes are definitely basketball and ganging out with my friends, but if I had to choose one, I think that I would prefer to relax with my mates and I have may reasons to support it.

   I live in a block of flats and as you understand, there are many kids that I can play with almost every afternoom. We are nearly ten friends, so there are always available children. The spot that we meet is the parking area. There we can play football or we can run. There are also, benches that we sit and discuss or we tell jokes.

   I love  spending my free time there, because we can do lots of things. We can play football or we can play cards. Also, we can go for a walk in our area. Furthermore, there is a lot of space to play tennis. There are so many activities for us to do. I have not lived more than two years in this block of flatsand my neighbours make me feel taht I belong with them. Moreover, this company is unique and I always have fun with them.

   To sum up, this is how I like spending my free time. I love being with my lovely neighbours and sharing secrets, because I can trust them. I just love these children; there are like my second family. 

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