Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Dear Mayor,

  I read about the new plan to build a huge shopping mall on a site three miles outside Greenville and I'm writing to express my agreement.From my point of view,it would better to build the new mall.
  First of all,the new mall will bring money into the local community.There will be a lot of new shops and other facilities which will probably bring money.With that money we can improve our city.We can create huge parks, eco-friendly buildings and cultural facilities,like museums or libraries.Also,it would increase job positions and fight poverty by taking on new employees to work in the shops. Moreover,there the shops will have more sales than other traditional shops and residents will be able to buy the things they want at discount and spend less money. Last but not least, teenagers could hang out with their friends there and also could buy things to enjoy themselves or to eat in a café.
  On the other side of the coin, some citizens object to the opening of the new shopping mall,because this could mean the end of some local stores.In my opinion the owners of those shops in the city could transfer their shops into the new mall.It's a good idea but owners are obliged to pay the mall owner if they want to open a shop in there.This money will be worth spending.
  I think you will take my suggestions into account and discuss them with the city council.

Nick Koutentakis

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