Saturday, November 19, 2016

Letter of opinion

Dear Editor,

   I have recently read about the exchange program for foreign students, and I am writing to suggest a place for their day trip. In my opinion, the best place in my area are Samaria gorge and Richtis gorge.
   First of all, Samaria gorge is located in the west of Crete. I thing this is a good place for your trip because you can cross the gorge and see the trees, flowers and the breathtaking background. If you decide to cross the gorge, it will be four hours of walking. In the middle of the gorge, students can stop to have a picnic and enjoy nature. At the end of the route, the trekkers will see Agia Roumeli village, where a taver, aperment and souvenir shops can be found.
   Another place is Richtis gorge, which is located in the south od Rethymno and in the west of Crete. In this place, visitors can walk into the gorge, which is 3 hours of walking and watch the fantastic waterfalls. The biggest waterfall is ten meters tall. At the end od the gorge, there is a wonderful beach with very clean water and fantastic waterlife with a lot of fishes.
    I hope that my advise will be taken into consideration when choosing a place for these students day trip.

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