Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The French Revolution

1) Watch this video: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/what-caused-the-french-revolution-tom-mullaney

2) Do the quiz in the "Think" section (next to the video).

3) Answer this question in a comment below:

What lessons can we apply from the French Revolution to present-day efforts to make society more equitable?


You can use this free online dictionary to help you: http://www.dictionary.com


  1. We can take knowlegde not only from the history of the French revolution but general history. In our days we can't have equality,when we don't have
    taxes . But the biggest problem we have and we will have is the religion war from jihantists.The solution of this problem is to have religious tolerance.Secondly, we are free people and we mustn't have a king.Moreover, we have unemployment and economic depression.

  2. From the French Revolution we get a lesson that all the people are equal and we have the same rights and no division of classes.All the people must pay the taxes and there must not be differences of paying them.Moreover, in our days there are a lot of social problems like poverty,uneemployment,religious fanaticism,racism and other problems.To succeed in solvig that problems,we must discuss with oter people and get in touch with them,but not forget the rights of the other people. :D

  3. If we follow the three main messages from the French revolution then we are in a good way to a society which is fair and generally correct without depending on the wealth and being fair to all the estates. Nowadays some rights are not verified for all the estates. This should be some food for thought for us to think if this world is fair enough for all of us. The question is that; Is our world fair enough?

  4. From the French revolution we can apply that the community has divided in 3 states. Nowadays our community is the same, with the French because there are a lot of poor people, not so many second estate and a few in the first estate. Secondly, poor people don't have food and some people eat chicken,fishes and other expensive food.

  5. To make society more equitable, firstly all people must respect the rights of other people! Also, It is better to have Democracy because all the people are equal.Finally, the best way to make our society more equitable is to have the same opportunities and accept difference.