Monday, November 21, 2016

Letter of opinion


 Dear Mayor,

        I am writing to express my opinion about the huge shopping mall. In my opinion , it is a great idea to build it , because many people can visit the mall and have fun.
            So, I agree with building a shopping mall , because people can spend hours having fun or going shopping . Moreover , people can go to the cinema with their children and have fun by watching a movie. But some people believe that this idea is not so good because some children may leave their studies and stay at the mall for all day , which will not happen if parents are careful.
           On the other hand , this shopping mall would be bad idea because of Greenville. Some people say that , at  the weekends they go to the centre of the town to do their shopping ,so they disagree  with shopping mall. However , I don't agree with them , because they can go for coffee or shopping at the department store, only at the weekends. On weekdays they can support the local shops.
           To sum up , I agree with building the shopping mall and people that are against this plan should think again , because it is great to have the first shopping mall near our town.

Yours faithfully, 
Nick Kokkinos 

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