Sunday, November 20, 2016

Letter of opinion

Dear Mayor,

   I am writing to express my opposition to bulding a huge shopping mall. In my opinion, the huge shopping mall shouldn't be built.
   There are a lot of advantages of not building a new shopping mall. First of all, Greenville won't be a crowded area if there is not a huge mall with thousands of people. Furthermore, the local residents will not lose their jobs, because if the local council builds a huge shopping mall, all the residents that work in this area will lose their shops. Also, if the local people buy from local shops, the mone that they give to shops will stay in Greenville. But, if the mall is built, all the money will go abroad to their owners.
   There are some other disadvantages of build a huge mall. Firstly, with a huge shpping mall in Greenville there will be made overcrowding and the residents will not be able to sleep at night. Secondly, more traffic will be in the streets and then all the people will be late for their jobs. Last but not least, this huge shopping mall could mean the end for small local stores.
   In conlusion, I disagree with the idea of building o huge shopping mall. I hope you take my suggestions into account.

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