Sunday, March 2, 2014

A letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

Having heard that some schools in the area are trying to provide a vending machine, instead of a refreshment bar in the schools' territory, I am writing to you to express my opinion on this matter. I personally don't believe that installing a vending machine in schools is a good idea.

First of all, by installing vending machines the number of the students who are tend to consume unhealthy food will be increase d. It is a fact that students don't fully understand the importance of a healthy diet and for that reason, so the idea of locating a vending machine, although it will enable us to save some more money, it will draw students who don't usually have a nutritious or complete ly breakfast. What's more, in this case, the students will take less and less of the important vitamins our (their) body needs and they will drag themselves into a bad habit. In my experience, people who are used to having bad diet habits find it extremely difficult for them to give them up.

In my opinion, in order to avoid this kind of possible problems and protect youngers' health, we ought to provide a refreshment bar in which healthier food will be offered , like a variety of fruits, vegetables, juices and many other healthy snacks. In this way, we help the younger generations to realize the importance of a healthy diet and they are also given the opportunity to maintain a good physical form. Despite the fact that an operation like this requires a lot of money, as far as I know it is better for students because they are more interested in things they learn actively, more than when having to study theoretical school subjects. I am sure the results will also be impressive.

I hope you will take my viewpoint into consideration when deciding on this matter.


Chris Sav

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  1. It would definitely pass, Mr black n Decker, but be careful with the grammar you use!