Friday, March 21, 2014

Use of technology

Nowadays, although a growing number of people use new technology and are interested in getting better knowledge of it, some others still prefer not to do so for a variety of reasons. Such a person is my aunt Maria.
Maria likes doing things in a traditional way and tries to avoid using technology whenever it is possible. Maria prefers to do things in person such as shopping, getting informed, or chatting with friends. She learns the news, meets friends and has fun by going out, or buying a newspaper. On the other hand, using technology is not a part of her daily life because it doesn't affect her job or personal life too much. It's something that doesn't attract her, either.
What's more, Maria doesn't have the necessary knowledge on how to use computer or other technological devices and that sometimes can be a problem. Sending messages or surfing on the internet is something that few people can't do and that's because they haven't put in the necessary time. Because of her character and sociability she likes learning things in first hand and that sometimes could also be better than finding information on the internet or other media.
In conclusion, different interests and different life styles is the only thing that divides people to those who use technology and from these who don't. I believe that using technology doesn't necessarily make someone happier or a better person. There are still many means that could replace some aspects of technology or other activities that technology offers to the general public.


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