Friday, October 28, 2016

Talking about Yourself

                                                            Speaking Guide
Talking about where you live:

-I live in a village/area called
-It's...miles from...
-It's build up/quite area.
-You can get around easily on foot.
-It's a quiet place.
-It's on the coast.
-My friend live nearby.
-It has nicr neighborhood
-The beaches are great
-The town is picturesque.

Talking about vacations:

-When I'm on vacation,I enjoiy being outdors.
-My ideal vacation would include...
-I usualy spend my time lying on the beach.
-I enjoy going to the islands.

Talking about plsns:

-I'm hoping to...
-This summer I'm going to...
-I haven't decided where to go yet,but...
-I am planning to go on vacation in (August).
-I ll be staying in...

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