Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Freedom Writers

  This is a review of a dramatic movie which is called "Freedom Writers". It is based on the book "The Freedom Writers Diary " by Erin Gruwell.
  The story begins in a disreputable neighbourhood in California with gangs fighting every day .Erin Gruwell is just starting her first teaching job.Despite choosing the school on purpose because of its integration program, Erin is unprepared for the nature of her classroom whose students live only for protecting their own life at all costs. Many are in gangs and almost all know somebody that has been killed because of gang violence. Erin tries harder and harder to have resources provided to teach properly which ofter has results like paying for them by herself. She gives to students diaries to write about what is happening in their lives. She tries to make the students see the world in a different way. Even if the class has students from different gangs, at the end everyone helps each other.
  To conclude, in my opinion it's a great film because it is all about tolerance. It shows what is happening all around the world by illustrating a small community with different gangs from other countries and cultures fighting. I loved the movie and I would like to read the book, too. I certainly recommend young people of my age age to watch this movie because it teaches us life lessons.

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