Saturday, May 7, 2016

A film for Teens

I would recommend to young people to watch the Harry Potter franchise.It is a film with great characters, an interesting world and mystery that most teenagers would enjoy as well as older people.

The franchise is complete and includes 8 movies.Its main story is about a boy living in the normal world named Harry Potter.He lives with his uncle, his aunt and his cousin.They don't get along with each other really well and all the family is mean to him and sometimes just ignores him.However all this changes when Harry receives a letter from Hogwarts, a school for magicians that is in the world of wizards.There he makes many valuable friends, but also some deadly enemies.

The main charachters are Harry Potter, Ron Weasly, Hermione Granger, Harry's uncle ,aunt and cousin, and Voldemort.There are also many more interesting and important characters in the franchise.Ron and Hermione are the two wizards that are Harry's best friends and his classmates.Voldemort is the main villain of the films that tries to kill Harry because of past events and his evil intents. Harry's uncle, aunt and cousin took responsibility of Harry since he was a baby and his parents died because of Voldemort.

To conclude, I would recommend these films because they are interesting, with a lot of action, adventure and mystery that I believe many teenagers would enjoy. However, it is also a film that even older people could easily watch, too.

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