Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Essay: Should a friend always be honest?

  Nowadays,some people think that a good friend is always honest,but is that really true?I think the statement is mostly true but sometimes it is not.
   Most people would agree that a friend who is not truthful to you is not a friend.That's because we like to have friends who are honest with us.Furthermore,if they lie to each other,their friendship will be destroyed. Additionally,if someone lies to his best mate,his best mate will be betrayed.
   However,every coin has 2 sides.There are times when they cannot be honest because if they are,they may hurt your feelings.For example,if your friend buys a T-shirt that does not suit him,you have to tell him that it looks fantastic on him,so you don't hurt his feelings.These lies are called white lies and you tell them to your friend in order to make him happy.
   In conclusion,I agree that a good friend must be honest,but I also agree that some times a really good friend has to lie to you.

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