Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Personal Questions

1.What sport do you enjoy and why?
Answer;The sport I enjoy the most is volleyball,I like volleyball because it is based on your teammates and the cooperation you have.Another reason I enjoy playing volleyball is that it trains your whole body and brain and you can have fun at the same time.

2.What's your favourite TV programme and why?
Answer:Although I rarely watch Tv programmes,you could say that my favourite TV programme is the greek comedy ''Μην αρχίζεις την μουρμούρα''.I like it because it is shown at a very comfortable time that my family and I can watch all together.I also like it because it makes fun of things that is possible to happen at our lives,too.

3.Are there a lot of interesting things to do in your town at the weekend,what are they?
Answer:I believe that there are not a lot of interesting things that you can do at my town at the weekend.Heraklion is a town that you can see all its landmarks in one day,and you don't have many things to do at the weekends.Some things that you can possibly do on Saturdays and Sundays  is paying a visit to Knossos museum which is really interesting or going for a walk at the castle made by Venetians,Koules.

4.What are you planning to next weekend?
Answer:My family and I are going to go on a vacation at Chania next weekend.We are planning to go to a tavern so we can eat Chania's special foods,secondly we will probably go for a walk to Chania's main town to see  its landmarks and sights.After that,we will be drinking a coffee at a coffee.Finally,we are going to visit my uncle's house to say ''Hallo'' and then leave.

5.Is there something you would like to learn in the future and why?
Answer: Well,yes there is something that I would like to learn to the future,this thing is mountain biking,I'd like to learn how to ride a mountain bike because I want to visit Greece's famous mountains as a guy who does extreme sports.Another faction that led me to this decision is that mountain biking is super fun and it trains your whole body while seeing the amazing view.

6.What would you like to do when you leave school and why?
Answer:When I leave school,my first priority will be to join a good university so I can take a good degree in order to find the job I like the most.Another reason that I want to join a university is to gain more knowledge because I firmly believe that knowledge is the strongest weapon nowadays.

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  1. Question 5: another FACTOR that...

    Question 4: drinking coffee at a café

    Question 2: You can translate the title of your favourite show in English, more or less, such as "stop nagging me".

    Question 2: things that ARE possible...

    Great effort, blogger Manolis!!!