Tuesday, November 24, 2015

An email to Sarah from Australia

Hi Sarah,
I read your email and I am happy to hear from you!I am going to tell you where I prefer to go on for holidays here in Greece.
Firstly,there are many places that Greece can offer for holidays but I'll tell you my favorite ones. The first place I like going to is my uncle's house in Chania.I like this location because my uncle's house is huge and his kids are in my age, (comma) so I can spend my time playing and chatting with them.Moreover,there is a fascinating beach near my uncle's house so we can go there whenever we want to.

(Change paragraph-the email is too long!)

Now that I told you what is my favorite place for holidays in the summer is, I'll tell you about my favorite place to go on holidays in the winter!Well, my family and I usually go to my granny's village because there is so much snow that we can play with it.But,because sometimes it gets boring, I have started taking my friends with me there, so we can all have a great time playing card games,snow games,watching TV and chatting of course.Furthermore,when winter's over,spring is next.My favorite location to spend my free days in spring is my cottage in Malia.I like going there in spring because in winters it's too cold and in summer it is too warm,so spring is the perfect time.When I spend my free time there, I always go to meet my friends and play football,basketball,volleyball,tell our news and play some video games,too.I enjoy staying in my cottage because I can visit my friends and play,go to the beach nearby and spend time with my little sister playing different kind of games and watching some nice series on television in the evening.Last but not least,my favorite destination to go in September,October or November is my friend's house outside of Heraklion.I like going there because when it rains for the first time, we can see the rain through my friend's window and drink hot chocolate or play monopoly and that is really cozy!
To sum up,I have written to you about my favorite holiday destinations,one for each season of the year.I hope it will help you. (Full stop) I am waiting to hear from you again.

Your friend from Greece,Manolis


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