Thursday, October 8, 2015

Personal Questions

1)How do you feel when you've got an exam?
When I've got an exam I usualy feel anxious and nervous but at the same time impatient to take the exam and finish it.
2) Do you want to go to the university?
I want to go to the university because it will be very important in order to achieve my goals and dreams
3)Are you a competitive person?
I don't think I am a very competitive person because most of the time I prefer being calm rather than trying to surpass the others.
4)What characteristics must a good friend have?
In my opinion a good friend has to be helpful loyal and trustworthy.I also think that a good friend has to always be there for you in both good and bad times.
5)Have you ever had a swollen ankle/a bad bruise/a black eye?What happened?
Yes I have had.I once hurt my ankle while I was playing basketball.
6)What do you like doing at the weekends?
At the weekends,I like meeting or going to the cinema with my friends,playing computer games,listening to music,watching movies and series and going for walks.

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