Monday, April 6, 2015

Should parents try to control their teenage children's behaviour? Why/why not?

From my point of view, the stage of the adolescence is one of the most difficult stages of life.When somebody is a teenager, because of his thoughts/ belief/ conviction that he has to prove to someone his maturity, he may express himself in a weird and mysterious way hiding his real feelings. Some people succeed in passing this period of their life quite easily, but others face difficulties and here lies the importance of the intervention of parents.

Teenagers, due to the fact that they grow up, they start to show some usual signs. For example, the annoying spots on the face, the steep raise of height etc and their behaviour at times changes.Parents are in desperation, they don't know what to do and some of them make the mistake of taking their child to a psychologist to examine what's wrong with him.I believe that this is really wrong and sometimes it can cause psychological problems to their child ,because he believes that his symptoms are not ordinary and there is a disruption in the family.

I think that being nervous, worried and stressed at an age like this is absolutely normal.In my opinion, people shouldn't be judged at this stage of the adolescence.Parents should let their children express their feelings however they want, but they should also be aware of them, because if they are uncontrolled they can do many strange things...

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  1. Beautiful thoughts, bravo Sofaki mas! You can have a second look at some of the things I've changed and let me know if you agree with me. :-) And here is one little question for you: Instead of using 'he' to refer to a teenager, why not use 'they' to refer to both male and female adolescents? Kisses and hugs, Lower Beauties! happy Easter, everyone! :-) :-)