Saturday, March 28, 2015

~The computer games judgement~

 This is a writing topic issue that was given by the FCE practice book:
"Playing computer games is a complete waste of time" 
I believe that this is a very interesting issue to discuss! Here is my view about it:

 Nowadays, the number of computer games users is increasing rapidly daily. 75% of adolesants play computer games every day and they are obsessed with them. However, are computer games a waste of spare time or a useful hobby that helps you increase your thinking ability?
 First and foremost, I could not agree more that playing computer games is an easy and helpful way to learn strategy tips, balance control, house keeping and sometimes they help your mind go wild. The thing you will learn depends on the game you will play. Opposites of this view believe that, instead of sitting on a chair, watching a monitor and waiting for the game to teach you all these things, you can learn them on your own by trying to fulfil them and see the realistic side of the world. For example, you can go out, hang out with your friends and have more fun than what you would have if you played games. I'm sure you will be more pleasant with your classmates.
 Furthermore, a basic and vital thing about computer games, is how they affect our lives. To begin with, I believe that it's not very good for your health just sitting on a chair and type some letters on a keyboard. Via this harmful habit, you lack in physical fitness and you start getting fatter because you do not excersise in a proper way. What's more, is that by playing computer games your social skills are highly reduced. You do not go out and chill  out with your colleagues and this results in no friendships at all.
 All things concerned, I believe that the disadvantages of not playing computer games outweigh the advantages of playing. In my point of view, I think that there are many more enjoyable things to do that spending your time playing computer games. Life is a journey not a computer game!


  1. Well done Vasiliki .... I especially like the sentence "Life is a journey not a compuer game" ....

  2. A huge bravo from me, too, Vassilikoula!