Sunday, January 15, 2017

Letter of opinion

Dear Jane,

   I am writing this letter to express my agreement with your decision which is to stop your career. I think, it is important to do whatever you want and not whatever others want. If you do what you choose, you will propably enjoy your life. So i agrre with your choice.
   First of all, stopping your career means relaxing life. Namely, not so many jobs to do and not travels. Secondly, returning to your hometown is a very good idea because you will have a good time there and actually you will live with your family. Moreover, if you stop your carrer, you will focus on your lessons, which is necessary for your life and your future. Maybe in the future you will continue your career as a movie star.
   There are some disadvantages of continuing your career. For example, if you keep doing your acting career, you are going to have a hard life and not enjoy it. You will have to travel, which is echausting and involves a lot of work. Furthermore, you are going to stay away from your family. At this age it is necessary to live with your parents or with someone from your family. Moreover, as a movie star you will not be able to focus on your lessons. So it will be hard for you to have a bright future. Finally, sometimes fans are annoying and they will not let you have a relaxing life.
   To sum up, you are making the right choice. A message from me is that you mustn't let others change your mind and do whatever you want.

  Best wishes,
  Michael Pervolarakis

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