Wednesday, May 21, 2014


What do you think is the biggest environmental problem in your country?
What could be done to improve the environment near where you live?
Would you describe yourself as an animal lover? Have you ever had a pet? Would you like one?

In my opinion, the fact that the USA and Russia decided to destroy Syria's nuclear weapons in the Mediterranean Sea is the biggest environmental problem that our country faces. By taking  this decision they not only destroy one of the most beautiful seas in the world but also cause immense problems to Greece as well. There are lot of times that these actions have happened in the past and these cases teach us that cancers and sickness on fishes are the most common fact. Mediterranean Sea is one of the seas which is famous for its enormous varieties of species living inside it. For that reason by dumping toxic wastes in this area is something that will cause huge damage to our country and its environment as well.

I believe that our government could accomplish many things by trying to discuss this matter with the other countries. Each country which develops nuclear weapons should also be given the responsibility to destroy them inside its own land. By letting this fact happen so easily and by not trying to defend our environment we become easy targets of similar actions as well. To conclude, I believe that Greece and other countries should discuss this matter so everyone could understand the importance of this decision.

I think that owning a pet could be great but it's also true that this decision requires owners responsibility and care. In my opinion, owning a pet could sometimes be a problem because you might cannot take it with you on a trip or you might be several days away from your home. Pets needs care as well as affection and an I think that is not advisable for someone to own a pet unless that person can take care of it and go along with all the responsibilities it needs.

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  1. Hello amazing Chris! I just love the way you combined all those different topics in a single post! :-) Seriously, your answers are great and thought provoking, I must add. You have just won 100 billion points! Good luck in your exams- I am sure you will rock today!