Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Christmas Carol: Read and listen to it.

A Christmas Carol (simplified) from Maria Markaki School of Foreign Languages

Listen to the story (open in a new tab).

Discover the meaning of unknown words by using the Oxford Dictionary gadget in the column on your right. Type the word in the box and click on 'search'.

After you have read the story, answer this question by leaving a comment:

What is the central message of the story? (Focus on the final paragraphs.) 


  1. I think that the central message of the story is that all people -rude or kind,generous or selfish- change their behaviour at Christmas and help each other because it's not important only to take presents, but to GIVE!!!

  2. The central message of the story is that people should think of other people even if they don't know them and give them hapiness.People should also do things because they want to help someone without waiting something of an exchange.

  3. The central mesage of the story is that people have to care about each other
    and give them plesure.Charles Dicken is sawing it with his story which saws people that they can always improve themselves.

  4. The central message of this story is that in Christmas all people shows sympathy to each other and if someone don't do it he maybe one time will regret it.So , Christmas is a period of time when all of us should behave better than the no Christmas time.

  5. In my opinion the central message of the story is that all the people can change their behaviour and be more generous to the other people.