Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dream jobs!

 What do you do for a living? Is that your dream job? What IS your dream job?


  1. Hallo Christina, that video was really impressive! What do I do for a living? As you know, I’m still a student at the local university, but I work hard on holidays, in order to gather some money and satisfy my material-needs.
    For many people, being a student is the “dream job”. In my opinion, that can’t be a dream job, as you have many responsibilities, plenty of studies and long hours attending the classes. I dream of flying F-16 fighter jets… that would be my dream job, to be a pilot, but unfortunately, that will never happen… On the other hand, I dream of becoming a rescuer into a super-puma helicopter, and save people’s lives when in danger.

  2. Wow, your dream job, especially the second one, is a truly noble one! Rescuing people's lives will turn you into some kind of hero! As for students' responsibilities, believe me, when you enter the job market you will see that things are much harsher out there! Till then, keep studying- it is tiring and time consuming, but it will pay off eventually! :-)