Friday, February 25, 2011

A letter of application

Dear Mr Boston,

I am writing in response to your advertisement about an available position in your international music shop.

I am very interested in this job, as I am very keen on Rock, Classical, Pop and Jazz music. I also speak English quite well and would like the opportunity to practise it more. In addition, I am a holder of the ECCE certificate.

As for my experience, I was a member of the choir at school and I have taken part in a talent show competition in Britain. What is more, I am very experienced, as I have worked in my father's music shop for two years, so I know how to treat the customers. As well as having these skills, I think I am the ideal person for you, since I am sociable and confident and I would enjoy working in your international music shop. It will help me to improve my skills and would enable me to be financially independent.

I hope you will consider me for this position.

 Yours sincerely,
   Rafaela Kokkinou

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